Here’s what ministers, deputies, MPs and other officials will get paid in 2018

The South African government has gazetted the official pay increases for public officials for the 2018 financial year, following approval from president Jacob Zuma for a salary increase of between 4% and 8%.

Salaries and allowances of different categories of Public Office-Bearers are determined by the President, after taking into account, amongst others, the recommendations of the Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office-Bearers (the commission).

The commission recommended a 0% increase for most government officials in 2017, on the back of tough economic conditions that hit the country. While South Africa’s economy still struggled through 2017, the commission recommended a small increase for officials in 2018.

The increases range between 4% and 8%, with ministers and their deputies on the lowest end of the scale. With CPI currently sitting at around 5%, most adjustments fall under inflation levels.

The salary of the president is determined and approved by parliament, and will be considered in the new year.

This is what government officials will earn next year:

Deputy president, Ministers and Deputy Ministers

Position Total remuneration
Deputy President R2 825 470
Minister R2 401 633
Deputy Minister R1 977 795

Members of the National Assembly and Delegates to the National Council of Provinces

Position Total remuneration
Speaker: National Assembly R2 825 470
Chairperson: NCOP R2 825 470
Deputy Speaker: National Assembly R1 977 795
Deputy Chairperson: NCOP R1 977 795
House Chairperson R1 836 572
Chief Whip: Majority Party R1 561 431
Chief Whip: NCOP R1 561 431
Parliamentary Council: President R1 561 431
Parliamentary Council: Deputy President R1 561 431
Leader of Opposition R1 561 431
Chairperson of a Committee R1 419 527
Deputy Chief Whip: Majority Party R1 277 623
Chief Whip: Largest Minority Party R1 277 623
Leader of a Minority Party R1 277 623
Whip R1 185 570
Member: National Assembly R1 079 943
Permanent Delegate: NCOP R1 079 943

Premiers, Executive Councils and Provincial Legislatures

Position Total remuneration
Premier R2 260 409
Member of Executive Council R1 977 795
Speaker R1 977 795
Deputy Speaker R1 561 431
Chief Whip: Majority Party R1 419 527
Chairperson of Committees R1 277 625
Leader of Opposition R1 277 625
Chairperson of a Committee R1 277 625
Deputy Chairperson of Committees R1 202 020
Deputy Chief Whip: Majority Party R1 202 020
Chief Whip: Largest Minority Party R1 202 020
Leader of a Minority Party R1 202 020
Parliamentary Counsellor to a King/Queen R1 079 943
Whip R1 079 943
Member of Provincial Legislature R1 045 220


Position Total remuneration
Special Grade Chief Magistrate R1 381 647
Regional Court President R1 381 647
Regional Magistrate R1 239 706
Chief Magistrate R1 239 706
Senior Magistrate R1 027 596
Magistrate R934 277

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