5 important things happening in South Africa today

Here’s what is happening in and affecting South Africa today:

  • Violent protests against foreign nationals continued overnight in South Africa, with looting continuing in city centres. Organisations have warned that on top of the social impact of the attacks, continued rioting is also destroying the economy, and creating international diplomacy challenges. Citizens in Nigeria have retaliated against South African companies, as well as the South African embassies. [IOL, EWN]
  • Discovery says that the debate around the NHI is just starting, and that there is still a lot of room for private healthcare and medical aids to give constructive input into the process. CEO Adrian Gore says that private healthcare is needed as a ‘safety valve’ for things like the NHI, and that there is space for medical aids to work with and around the NHI in the country. [702]

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5 important things happening in South Africa today