Expect major Home Affairs disruptions and delays this week

 ·16 Oct 2023

The Public Servants Association (PSA) has embarked on a national shutdown of the State Information Technology Agency (Sita), which will impact government’s online services at Home Affairs, SASSA and the Department of Employment and Labour this week.

The group said the shutdown would take effect from Monday, 16 October, following lunchtime picketing held last week.

Workers are striking over wages, with negotiations between unions and Sita deadlocking on an offer of 4.5% against demands of 7.5%.

The PSA represents the majority of employees at Sita.

“The employer continues to show no interest to resolve the impasse. Employees have been mobilised and are preparing to participate in a total shutdown.”

Services at departments such as Home Affairs, Employment and Labour, and SASSA will be affected by the shutdown, it said.

The union said that the shutdown will last until worker demands are met.

“The PSA is conscious of the implications of the total shutdown, which could adversely affect network connectivity, operations in most government sectors, and service delivery. The PSA thus urges the Minister to intervene and instruct the SITA board of directors to improve the salary offer to 7.5%.”

In an earlier notice, the union said that it is planning to follow up the shutdown with a march to the Ministry of Communication and Digital Technologies on 23 October 2023.

“All members of PSA at SITA and their supporters are encouraged to fully participate in the National Shutdown by converging in their workplace entrances and not reporting for duty from Monday 16 October 2023 until their demands are met.

“Employees working remotely are also encouraged to join the picket lines and withdraw their labour to put pressure on the employer,” it said.

BusinessTech reached out to the DHA for comment on how it would be dealing with the shutdown and any service disruptions, and will update the article with any feedback from the department.

SITA workers picketing

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