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It’s official: Zuma’s Nkandla ‘firepool’ is just a pool

It’s official: Zuma’s Nkandla ‘firepool’ is just a pool

The ad hoc committee on Nkandla had unanimously agreed that the swimming pool at President Jacob Zuma’s home was not a fire pool, ANC MP Thandi Mahambehlala said on Wednesday.

She was addressing DA leader Mmusi Maimane who earlier said he refused to call the facility a fire pool because it was an insult.

“Maimane is telling us about a fire pool which is in actual fact a swimming pool. It is a pity you were not part of our meeting in Pietermaritzburg,” Mahambehlala told Maimane.

“All of us as committee members unanimously agreed that is not a fire pool, it is a swimming pool which is used as a reliable water resource in the case of any fire that might erupt.”

Maimane also said the aesthetics of the pool suggested that it was meant for swimming. There was an entertainment area and it was tiled.

However, Mahambehlala disputed this saying no one could swim in that pool because it had no chlorine and she did not see any entertainment area.

“My understanding of a swimming pool meant for entertainment is that it must have chlorine, it must be clean and what have you.

“What we saw there, no one could swim in it. It had no chlorine. To come here and say there is an entertainment area there, we don’t see any such area there. There are no walls for privacy.”

Mahambehlala told Maimane off for saying he should not try to “create an impression because we see all these cameras when we all of us were in Nkandla and saw exactly what transpired there”.


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  • Just means that the lovely expensive pool that the taxpayers paid for isn’t being maintained.

    Like a lot of other things in this country.

    • DaeMon

      dont know about lovely but it was daaaamn expensive….

      • Mike Lee

        Some sources quoted between 3 and 4 million rand….
        The rondavels around R6 million each.
        It simply never ends!

    • Adrian R

      It would be quite cool if you can hire some of the rondawels for a nice getaway weekend, LOL. Lots of entertainment for the kids too – a pool, feed the goats, the chickens, learn about fire fighting using a pool, etc.

      That’s what they should do to get some of the money back, hire it out as a holiday resort!

      • Robert Koning

        Joined just to upvote this comment. Classic.

      • Mamparra

        Great one, AR. Do you think your idea might already have been stolen by Little Jake as a pension option?

        • Adrian R

          Yeah probably, wouldn’t surprise me!

      • Skoppienaai Sewinduit

        Have you seen those R6 Million rondawels? I wouldn’t pay to stay in one of those. They look like an RDP house with thatch on them.

        • Adrian R

          Yeah, you’re right! Not worth the R6M. If I just think what I can build for that amount of money, even somewhere like England (about £300k). True cost would probably be around R30k to build one, if that even. No doubt somebody made a killing on a tender again.

          You reckon they’d have to pay you to stay there, haha. Me too.

  • cpt_citizen

    You’ve got to be kidding me, talk about grasping at straws. So if there’s no chlorine in your pool it is no longer a pool it’s a reliable water source?

    • Chris Swart

      Yes. I have two reliable water sources. One a small JoJo (which is chlorinated, and behind a private wall, so is that my pool now?) and one unchlorinated cemented and paved “hole in the ground” completely visible to anyone INSIDE MY YARD which is fitted with fire fighting gear (I just used a swimming pool pump and filter, much cheaper). I needed it for insurance purposes as I have a thatch lapa right next to it.

  • Cliff Smith

    Add chlorine – Kazam! Swimming pool! Neglect to add chlorine – Kazam! Fire Pool! Is this woman serious!!

    • 0001000ghost

      The scary part is, she is DEAD serious. It’s worse than monkeys bru.

      • me

        what you say is just wrong and you should think twice before you type next time – saying this is worse than monkeys is an absolute insult to the monkey.

        • Adrian R


        • Mamparra

          Great one, following another great one by Adrian R. I was just about to start talking about more ANC trolls when I got to the punch line.

          But ‘seriously’ if you didn’t laugh about this lot of idiots (I’m talking about the ‘humans’ not the monkeys) you’d effing well cry.

          It’s like being locked into an N-clown-dla Groundhog day, if that’s not being insulting to groundhogs…

          And of course, we still need to hear from the Chief Groundhog, Nhleko, who even prepared a video to show it actually WAS a fire pool. You really couldn’t make it up, could you.

  • Dan

    Well, I’m please that’s settled. This issue has been bothering the citizens of SA for a while now. Well done Thandi Mahambehlala for doing your job so well and getting the semantics sorted.
    Err……would it be too much to ask now for you and your ANC colleagues to remove your fat snouts from the KFC barrel now and address the bigger issue of R250m that was stolen from the public

  • 0001000ghost

    Welcome to African Politics. This is not even close to watching todlers play. This is simply put, idiots trying their very best to sound clever or come up with something intelligent. I have a lot of respect for Mmusi, at least he has a brain. Those imbeciles in the ANC and EFF are just dumb ass fcks.

  • Fracas

    Firepool schmirepool it’s a f**k off expensive pool

  • Ga77a

    I want to shake this woman while screaming “What…. What are you talking about!… Are you listening to the words coming out of your mouth?!

  • Gardos

    Those two blue things at the top left of the pool look A LOT like the chlorine floaters I have in my pool. Just saying

    • No, those are buoys, to guide any oncoming ships!

  • TiredOfTheBS

    They needed a committee to figure out it was just a regular pool??

  • Neil Glezer-Jones

    Just add chlorine!

  • Pool Expert

    A “SWIMMING POOL” without chlorine doesnt make it a fire pool….. It make it a “NON-MAINTANED SWIMMING POOL” you IDIOT!!!!

  • Adrian Snyman

    So if I stop throwing chlorine in my pool, can I get a reduction on my rates and taxes ?? It’s not a pool, it’s a “reliable water source”

  • Vexarus

    I would like to see that pool in the summer. Probably full of chlorine then…

  • me

    Higher Grade Maths

    swimming pool or firepool test

    swimming pool = for white people

    swimming pool != black people

    zuma = black people

    Therefore: Zuma != Swimming pool

    Zuma = Firepool

  • It’s-a-fact

    I hope they order a full paper trail audit and track every cent.

    Also, they should do a valuation of the actual value of the Nkandla upgrades so that the level of overspending and fraud can be gauged.

    Everyone involved, including the president (who no longer has plausible deniability) should be brought to book.

  • It’s-a-fact

    For R6M this would’ve been more believable.

  • Steven

    How much time and money was waisted on the obvious …. yet again.

  • Greg_Shark

    Mahambehlala just making noise… to shut up because the more you thieving anc cadres chatter the deeper the hole you dig and the more stupid you look….please note that there is no end to stupidity…

  • Anthony

    That’s a bit like saying a Ferrari is not a sports car because you haven’t put petrol in the tank.

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