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FNB cuts iPad 3 prices

FNB cuts iPad 3 prices

First National Bank (FNB) has cut the price of its iPad offer for customers following a similar announcement from local distributor Core Group.

Core reduced the recommended retail prices of all iPad models for between R500 and R1,000.

The retail price reductions of the iPads offered by FNB were as follows:

  • 16GB iPad 3 Wi-Fi only: R700 reduction (to R4,599);
  • 16GB iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular: R600 reduction (to R5,899);
  • 32GB iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular: R800 reduction (to R6,899);
  • 64GB iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular: R1,000 reduction (to R7,799);

iPad 3 promo image

FNB first introduced its iPad deals in October 2011, when it offered customers the iPad 2 and other tablets and smartphones at reduced prices.

To get a device, account holders must let FNB add an additional amount to their monthly bank charges for 24 months.

The table below compares the old and new monthly prices of FNB’s iPad offer, along with the amount paid over the full 24 months next to the retail price. The prices exclude FNB’s normal account fees that are still payable. FNB’s additional discounts of R50 and R100 for those with cheque and credit facilities with them are also excluded.

It’s interesting to note that FNB no longer sells the Wi-Fi + 3G iPad 2 but has instead opted for the Wi-Fi only model.

iPad model Old monthly price* New monthly price* Over 24 months Retail price
iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi only N/A R169 R4,056 R4,199
iPad 3 16GB Wi-Fi only R205 R185 R4,440 R4,599
iPad 3 16GB Wi-Fi + Cellular R259 R239 R5,736 R5,899
iPad 3 32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular R299 R279 R6,696 R6,899
iPad 3 64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular R339 R315 R7,560 R7,799
* FNB pricing excludes account fees.

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  • TrueTenacity

    Alas this only applies to NEW Tablets, and not people with existing tablets, plus, if you already have a tablet, you’re not allowed to upgrade…

  • Ugh. And I bought mine two months ago, never thought Apple would upgrade to a new gen so quickly 🙁

  • Dumisa

    These changes also apply even if you already have a device from FNB

    • No, they don’t. From @RBJacobs: “the price you agreed on, when you signed the contract will apply throughout period of the contract.”

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