Data centre market predictions for 2015

By 2018, third-party service providers will own a quarter of all IT assets installed in company server rooms and ‘closets’.

This is according to research and advisory firm, International Data Corporation (IDC), which set out its predictions for the data centre market.

It forecast that in the next two years, 25% of all large and mid-sized businesses will confront significant power/cooling facilities mismatches with new IT systems, limiting them to using less than 75% of their physical data center space.

By 2016, 65% of organizations’ infrastructure investments will target creation and expansion of 3rd Platform systems of engagement and insight, rather than maintaining existing systems of record.

By 2017, 60% of the data centre-based IT assets that firms rely on to conduct business and deliver services will be in co-location, hosting, and cloud data centres.

Over the next two years, over 60% of companies will stop managing most of their IT infrastructure, relying on advanced automation and qualified service partners to boost efficiency and directly tie data centre spend to business value, the IDC said.

By 2016, the top 20 providers of consumer and business as-a-service solutions will deploy broad spectrum, multi-datacenter security solutions.

And by 2018, every organisation in data-intensive industries will have formal data ethics review processes and will publicize data control policies, the IDC said.

“The key question for organisations is whether they have the insight, capital, and commitment to design, build, and operate data centres for reliable and dynamic delivery of transaction, content serving, archiving, and analytic capacity on time, with no delays and no excuses to individuals and organizations around the world,” said Richard Villars at the IDC.

“For many the answer will be ‘no’. They will rely increasingly on third parties to build, deploy, manage, and ‘rent’ IT capacity and store important information.”

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Data centre market predictions for 2015