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Becoming a master of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship education is a growing part of educational offerings at institutions around the globe.

In this ‘golden age of entrepreneurship,’ the demand for entrepreneurship research and teaching is outstripping supply and resonates with 21st century global economic conditions, where entrepreneurship is a vital skill for any individual wanting to succeed, especially in the context of an emerging market.

MM in the field Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

The Wits Business School’s Master of Management in the Field of Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation degree provides a solid foundation of knowledge in all aspects of entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on building entrepreneurial skills in a start-up context.

Headed by one of the country’s most celebrated and published academics, Professor Boris Urban, this dynamic course merges real life case studies with entrepreneurship theory and practice, who emphasises that the programme is strongly research-focused.

“The Master of Management in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation is a combination of course work and a research report, providing you with a comprehensive theoretical and practical framework on which to launch a successful career,” says Urban.

“It teaches you the key concepts behind entrepreneurship and it will evolve your strategic, critical and analytical thinking – vital first steps in ensuring your ongoing success as an entrepreneur.”

The degree attracts students from a diverse background of education and experience.

Past students include CEOs, SME consultants, academics, corporate entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, nascent entrepreneurs, scientists, professionals and artists.

Preparing entrepreneurs for change

“Graduates of the programme describe it as demanding, rigorous and rewarding, and say that they are better prepared to cope with dynamic change and take on the challenges of entrepreneurship,” says Urban.

“They also feel that they are now empowered with relevant knowledge and skills required to create value – not only as entrepreneurs, but for established companies and society as a whole.”

The Master of Management in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation is a full-time, 14-month programme, starting in January 2018.

Classes are scheduled in late afternoons/early evenings to accommodate students who have work obligations.

There are two to three lectures during the week, and a few on Saturday mornings.

Students complete nine modules in the first part of the year, ranging from Enterprise Development and Social Entrepreneurship to Technology and High Growth Entrepreneurship, and in the second part of the year they complete a research report.

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Becoming a master of entrepreneurship