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SupraScoop – The social prospecting platform for business

The effects of the fourth industrial revolution are beginning to be felt in companies across the world. We operate in an environment where organizations are being impacted by substantial changes in technology, strategy evolution and customer-centricity.

These changes have created both challenges and opportunities that must be taken into consideration when planning and delivering marketing strategies for this new era.

Supra Technologies have developed new SAAS platform, SupraScoop, to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this market environment.

South Africa is the first country in which this breakthrough technology will be available as part of an inaugural test market exercise. SupraScoop has already acquired over 500 sign-ups in the first month since it became available.

The platform provides businesses with multiple campaign options that enable monitoring and prospecting frameworks for the delivery of focused results. The system has been specifically designed to identify prospects who have displayed a direct or indirect intent for specific products and services.

The system uses advanced analytics, intent mining algorithms and prospecting formulas to deliver a live stream of commercial prospects directly to the SupraScoop dashboard. How? By listening and applying its technology to millions of social media posts worldwide and categorizing them by intent and geo location.

The data intel enables businesses to focus their social engagement and increase their sales conversions.

It’s a simple formula, find the people that potentially need what you have to offer, engage with them directly and increase your sales. Additional features include influencer and social topic identification and evaluation tools.

New developments

SupraScoop will be adding an advance form of internet prospecting which will include instant lead list generation and social contact matching, as well as promoted lead streams served by direct consumer requests.

The systems data management framework has been designed to facilitate the optimization of machine learning algorithms that will evolve into AI assistants that direct social engagement to optimize results for subscribers.

Inaugural SupraToken project

The SupraScoop platform will be the first data brand to launch a blockchain based S-Token within the forthcoming SupraToken ecosystem.

The ecosystem will effectively create a new genre of guaranteed utility tokens with dual transactional capabilities of which the SupraScoop S-Token will be the first.

The SupraToken ecosystem will provide alternative forms of capitalisation for start-ups with a specific focus on subscription-based business models. The native currency of the system will be SPT a new crypto currency set to launch in the last quarter of 2018.

SupraScoop and SupraToken are owned and operated by Supra Technologies Limited a BVI based company.

As this is software, the value is better seen or demoed. Watch their short tutorials to view this unparalleled software in action.

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This article was published in partnership with SupraScoop.

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SupraScoop – The social prospecting platform for business