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Trend Micro partners with NEC XON to bring smarter solutions to Sub-Saharan Africa

Trend Micro, a leading global cyber security company, has recently announced that is will be working with NEC XON, the Southern African ICT, security services and solutions systems integrator.

The partnership aims to provide a united solution and African security service where technology meets the physical world. NEC XON has been awarded platinum status with Trend Micro.

“Trend Micro has always had security as its main area of focus and concern. NEC XON wants to take a look at exploring ways of creating safer cities, energy, cyber security, telecommunication solutions, and so much more within the Sub-Saharan region. Their focus is aligned with us as we see a bright, safe digital future for the African continent,” says Indi Siriniwasa, Vice President of Trend Micro, Sub-Saharan Africa.

This alliance means that Trend Micro brings innovative security solutions to the table and NEC XON will manage the cyber and physical security services.

Together, the two security heavyweights will enhance the capabilities of both parties and have an opportunity to gain more of the African market.

“Trend Micro’s future-looking strategy, which includes the impact of artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, cognitive learning, and others, aligns perfectly with our own. At the hub of our Cyber Defence Operations Centre (CDOC) is the integration of cyber and physical security for safer cities and societies in emerging and evolving threat environments. Our customers must, consequently, have future-proof solutions that go beyond vanilla systems such as endpoint security and firewalls,” says Callie van Vuuren, Cyber Security lead at NEC XON.

This article was published in partnership with Trend Micro.

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Trend Micro partners with NEC XON to bring smarter solutions to Sub-Saharan Africa