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Buy with Reeflords and be financially independent from day one

Property investors looking for an exclusive, secure estate, which comes complete with the best amenities have to look no further.

Luxury apartments in The West End property development in Midrand are on offer from Reeflords Property Development.

The West End development, which consists of beautiful, ultra-modern apartments built over six phases, two entrances with easy access to main roads and the freeway, is the ideal opportunity for individuals looking to invest in property.

Located near Carlswald Lifestyle Shopping Centre, Vodaworld, and Mall of Africa, the prime property development is just a stone’s throw from top-class facilities that cater to any tenant and home owner’s lifestyle needs.

With everything they need at arm’s length, investors will never have an issue finding tenants or home owners.

Buy with credit-worthy tenants – and have your tenant pay for your investment

Tenant-occupied properties in The West End are also available for property investors looking to earn an income from their investment from day one, as over 100 of the units at The West End are already occupied with credit-worthy tenants.

When buying tenant-occupied property the investor purchases a buy to let property with 5-10% of the purchase price in cash, and then takes out property finance for the remainder of the purchase price, according to buy-to-let property specialist Organic Growth.

With Reeflords the investor then receives a monthly rental yield of up to 1% from the leasing tenant, which covers the investors monthly bond and levy costs.

“Chances are, however, that the investor will need to subsidise the rental payment for a few years until the rental income increases sufficiently to cover all the costs,” said Organic Growth.

At this point, investors can expect exponential income growth, and simply watch their investment flourish while tenants pay off the bond.

Additional benefits of taking over a lease are that buyers can avoid the admin of finding, screening, and contracting a new tenant – there’s a proven tenant payment history, visible evidence of how well they’ve treated the property in the past, and there are no transfer costs.

Should the lease expire, or the investor want to use the property for something else, tenants can simply move out.

New promotion

Besides offering property investors an opportunity to earn an income from their investment from day one, Reeflords has also rolled out their new “Pick a surprise, name your own price!” promotion for The West End and Midview Gardens.

With this promotion, buyers will get to pick a casino chip out of a bag, which will indicate how much discount the purchaser will be entitled to.

The different colours indicate the discount value in rand that buyers will get per square metre. Terms and conditions apply.

Discount values for the different colour chips are indicated below.

  • BLUE Label = R100 off per sqm
  • GREEN Fairy = R200 off per sqm
  • RED Roulette = R300 off per sqm
  • BLACK Jack = R400 off per sqm

To enter, or to find out more, visit the Reeflords website, or contact them on 011 516 0057.

This article was published in partnership with Reeflords.

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Buy with Reeflords and be financially independent from day one