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Euphoria Telecom provides new revenue model for partners

Euphoria Telecom has shown a substantial growth in its reseller base in recent months due to the massive adoption of cloud solutions that offer new lucrative annuity-based revenue models. Partners can make up to 30% annuity income on all Euphoria service sales and up to 15% on calls.

Cloud systems are flexible, scalable and cost-efficient business communication systems that enable businesses to elevate operations and performance to the next level. Customers save immediately between 30 – 50 percent over traditional systems as they no longer require or to maintain expensive hardware onsite.

More importantly, no more unnecessary long-term contracts, high call costs and opaque billing. A cloud PBX is the ideal solution for existing and emerging workforces who demand constant connectivity and productivity from almost anywhere.

Euphoria Telecom channel manager Aidan Smit says the Euphoria model enables partners to grow revenue by focusing on services that truly deliver business value to their customers. “We offer a very attractive reseller program to IT and telecom businesses that have their own support and sales teams.”

“We also provide the tools, technology, training and assistance required to help make your service business successful. Euphoria resellers can make annuity income while selling one of the only proprietary built cloud PBX’s in South Africa,” he adds.

Euphoria’s partner programme targets technology companies with a proven track record and solid client base and more importantly, dedicated support resources to manage their customers. With Euphoria, they can manage, service and invoice their own customers.

“Are you fed-up with products that are never up to date and cost a lot to upgrade? Euphoria Telecom has designed a world-class Cloud PBX system that just works. Bringing the benefits of our cloud PBX platform to your customers will strengthen and deepen the trust that they have in you,” he explains.

So what exactly does Euphoria Telecom offer its partners:

  • Fair and Transparent partnership programme
  • Annuity commission rebate
  • Central management of all clients via our powerful Telephone Management System
  • Reseller maintains full ownership of client
  • Full training, technical, sales, and installation support, admin and porting
  • Full porting department to handle your client ports
  • A dedicated Reseller Support Team within Euphoria Telecom
  • Latest updates with new features included all the time
  • No installation charges from Euphoria Telecom

“Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. Euphoria Telecom’s lengthy list of happy resellers is testament to that. As a trusted technology advisor, you can play the pivotal role of helping your customers get the best out of the Euphoria system,” he concludes.

For more information on the Euphoria Reseller Programme, call Aidan Smit directly on 087 094 1777, or email [email protected].

Aidan Smit, Euphoria Channel and Porting Manager

This article was published in partnership with Euphoria.

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Euphoria Telecom provides new revenue model for partners