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The best way to get a police clearance when outside of South Africa

Given the new procedure recently published on how to obtain a police clearance, many South Africans abroad probably shuddered yet again. Consulates quote many weeks or months to completion, applications get lost and SAPS regularly make spelling mistakes on printed police clearances. But there is hope.

It has always been a challenge getting a document or visa application through a South African consulate in a foreign country, let alone in SA. However, no matter what government websites state, one does not need to be in South Africa to apply and receive a police clearance more quickly and efficiently than when one is in the country., a documentation business head-officed in Sandton, regularly obtains police clearances for people living abroad in under two weeks, often including courier time. The firm also has processes to handle birth and marriage certificates, as well as apostilles, notarisations, embassy attestations, and other document legalisations.

“South African citizens and foreigners requiring police clearances can apply for them through our service without leaving their cities abroad, or sometimes without even couriering us any physical documents,” said Apostil. “The fastest a police clearance has come out is in two days and even with SAPS delays beyond our control such as broken printing equipment, around 15 days.”

Applicants simply complete forms and send in their documents, either digitally or by courier, whereby on collection of the document it is sent back by courier again.

Also possible are reprints of recently obtained police clearances and the speeding up of applications stuck in the SAPS system. can also apostille and have the document translated by a court-registered sworn translator, which some countries, such as Spain, require.

To enquire about’s services, click through and have them email or call you back: The firm also handles documents for Namibia, the UK, various EU countries, Russia and many other countries.

This article was published in partnership with Apostil.

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The best way to get a police clearance when outside of South Africa