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You’re not immune to cyber-attacks – but you can be

If 2018 has taught us anything, it’s that the cyber threat landscape is growing and that South African organisations are not 100% protected.

In fact, reports show that South Africans have been under heightened attack from cyber criminals and hackers this past year, placing millions of South Africans’ data in jeopardy.

Additionally, the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) has stated that South Africa has the third highest number of cybercrime victims worldwide, with a loss of nearly R2.2 billion a year to cyber-attacks.

The Liberty breach, the Ster-Kinekor database breach, and a recent attack on Hetzner shows that even professional tech companies aren’t adequately equipped to keep infiltrators out of systems.

The often overlooked

While many businesses have comprehensive security across their infrastructure and have a data breach plan in place, print security is often overlooked.

Printers can store and process data and have similar security vulnerabilities as any other networked endpoint. It can also can easily provide an intruder entry into other networked computers and servers or give them access to private information contained in printed images.

Many senior executives and IT professionals incorrectly assume, because printers are behind a firewall, their business information is protected from intruders.

Other organisations are simply oblivious to the risks. In fact, only around 59% of companies surveyed by the Ponemon Institute say print security is important to their business processes.

Companies need to come to the realisation that every time a device is used – whether it’s a computer, mobile device, or printer – they’re at risk of being exposed to cybercrime.

Securing devices requires coordinated protection of hardware and software, plus comprehensive monitoring and management solutions.

With almost two thirds of organisations having experienced a printer-related data breach, organisations cannot afford to overlook their printer security any longer.

HP’s most secure printing portfolio enables enterprises of all sizes to secure their printers with the most comprehensive device, data and document security.

It can stop an attack the moment it starts, and HP Enterprise models can self-heal with unique security features.

For more information, visit the HP website.

The Wolf ft. Christian Slater | HP

The Wolf ft. Christian Slater | HP

Posted by MyBroadband on Monday, 15 October 2018

This article was published in partnership with HP.

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You’re not immune to cyber-attacks – but you can be