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The importance of print security in South African companies

Major security breaches have recently impacted South African companies and citizens – primarily the Liberty email hack and the Master Deed’s data breach. Both security breaches have led to millions of South Africans’ personal data being compromised.

A major access point for cyber attackers – which many South Africans are unaware of – is through printers and other endpoint devices.

Many companies put much focus on their security, ensuring that attackers are not able to access their networks through conventional methods. However, few companies realise the necessity for good print security.

Attackers can intercept files sent to the printer, or they can discover user credentials to gain entry to other computers or servers on the network.

HP conducted a survey of 300 IT and security professionals, of which only 16% of companies thought that printers are at high risk of a security breach.

The survey also revealed that 23% of respondents were leaving data vulnerable to be read in the instance it was intercepted.

South African organisations need to realise that print security is more than just document security. Attention needs to be applied to data-in-transit and endpoint devices on the network.

HP offers a variety of security solutions for its printers, ensuring that both devices and data are protected for organisations of all sizes.

Device and data security

HP printers help defend the company’s network, remaining on guard and ready to stop an attack the moment it begins.

HP’s latest A3 multi-function printers (MFPs) are good examples of HP’s security-focused design philosophy.

Fitted with several security features, the A3 MFP range consist of three main tools that secure the device at start-up, monitor security during operation, and allow it to recover from an attack.

These security features include:

  • Run-time intrusion detection and HP Connection Inspector
  • Self-healing the BIOS through HP Sure Start
  • Checking and fixing security settings using HP JetAdvantage Security Manager
  • Checking firmware by whitelisting.

HP software solutions will help ensure only authenticated devices and users can access the network, and they will ensure your data is encrypted – protecting sensitive information both in transit and in queue.

Secure document solution

HP offers solutions to ensure the security of printed documents that include pull printing, which allows print jobs to be stored until users provide authentication at the printer – whether it is by using PINs or other verification methods. This will help ensure that documents are only printed and collected by authorised personnel.

All of these security features work together to ensure that endpoint devices and users are protected from malicious attacks.

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The importance of print security in South African companies