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Pinnacle driving the digital enterprise in SA with Huawei global solutions

Digital services, such as smart manufacturing, smart cities, online healthcare, mobile payment, and e-commerce platforms, enabled through cloud computing, have changed the way we work and live.

In fact, it is reshaping every traditional industry value chain and establishing an all-new digital economy.

According to the IDC’s Vice President of Network Infrastructure Rohit Mehra, the key for enterprises to survive in this digital era is to continuously improve their digital abilities and transform their network so they can better serve consumers.

Leveraging the power of cloud

As enterprises take on the journey to digital transformation, enterprise IT and CIOs need to leverage the power of the cloud, and think about how they want to relate digital transformation to the actual business processes and the IT applications within each enterprise.

In doing so, enterprises can cope with the challenges of digital transformation, meet the growing communications demand, and leverage their digital potential.

When it comes to ICT networking solutions, Huawei has seen countless transformational successes in various industries – including hospitality and educational services.

Huawei’s network solution in hospitality

One example of where Huawei has driven network transformation was for Hotusa, a hotel managers group in Barcelona, which delivers business and marketing services for independent hotels.

As the largest hotel consortium in Europe, Hotusa’s aim was to provide a unified platform for small hotels and groups, helping them transform their network and enhance competitiveness in the international market.

This meant that the group needed to upgrade its Wi-Fi networks, so all hotels, including its subordinate hotels, could access the Internet and provide guests with reliable Wi-Fi and a satisfactory user experience.

Taking into account the high room density and complex wall structure of Hotusa hotels, Huawei proposed its Agile Distributed Wi-Fi solution to address signal issues.

In this solution, Remote Units (RUs) are deployed in rooms, which provide pervasive indoor signal coverage. Moreover, only a central AP needs to be managed, reducing the number of managed nodes by over 90% and saving management and network construction costs.

After the upgrade to the Huawei Wi-Fi network, Hotusa can provide guests with fast, secure, uninterrupted wireless services, whether in rooms, halls, or any corner of the hotels.

Network management personnel can easily perform unified network management, operation, and maintenance – and monitor AP performance, power consumption, and channel usage in real time, ensuring rapid fault location.

Read the full case study here.

Pinnacle distributes Huawei products for the digital enterprise

Pinnacle, South Africa’s leading ICT distribution company and authorized Huawei distributor,  offers a broad range of world-class technology products.

As an authorised and exclusive distributor for many leading vendors in the industry, Pinnacle distributes Huawei products designed and built to meet the needs and demands of a growing African market.

“Our purpose is to provide world-class ICT products to our customers with superior technical expertise and exceptional delivery,” said Pinnacle.

For more information, visit the Pinnacle website.

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Pinnacle driving the digital enterprise in SA with Huawei global solutions