Presented by OneDayOnly is selling deals at up to 100% off

For the first time ever, is selling deals at up to 100% off.

And how do you plan on doing that, you ask?

Like this:

No hidden costs. No strings attached. No fine print. Just genuinely good deals at up to 100% off.

Deals on go live from midnight, but to ensure as many people as possible can secure a 100% off deal for themselves, these particular items will be made available at random times during the day.

Shoppers can keep their eyes peeled for big brands like Reebok, Russell Hobbs and Smeg – all with a price tag of R0.

While the 100% off products themselves are a closely guarded secret, will say this: if there was a hypothetical gun aimed at a hypothetical head and the only way to stop it was to reveal one 100% off deal… well, that deal would be the 40-inch TV.

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