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Get the power back into your hands with Yeastar’s Cloud PBX

Even Flow, a leading African distributor of converged communication and networking solutions, have added Yeastar to their product offering and have made it available to South African telephony solution providers.

Yeastar is a provider of cloud-based and on-premise VoIP PBXs and VoIP gateways for SMBs and delivers Unified Communications (UC) solutions that connect co-workers and clients more efficiently.

Consistently recognised in the industry for high performance and innovation, Yeastar provides customers with trusted, flexible, and cost-effective communications solutions.

Yeastar’s Cloud PBX

One of Yeastar’s latest additions to its product range is its cloud PBX platform which, combined with a UC service delivery platform with flexible business models, can accelerate channel success and deliver optimal user experience.

A Cloud PBX puts the power back into the hands of business owners. It enables small IT enterprises to improve communication between employees and consumers, reduce costs while boosting efficiency, free up employees to work from anywhere, and improve insight and control over the mainframe.

Yeastar provides a powerful Yeastar Management Plane (YMP) and easy to deploy dedicated PBX instances for solution providers and telecom resellers to easily start their hosted PBX business, with all-inclusive features, scalability, and UC capability.

Build up your Hosted PBX Service your way

Yeastar allows you to self-host your cloud PBX in your data centre with whichever fully virtualised platform you prefer, whether it’s KVM, VMware, or a public cloud platform.

It also allows you to build a strong recurring revenue model with reduced cost, higher margins,

increased reliability, and better flexibility.

Manage and create PBX centrally in YMP

Yeastar Management Plane (YMP) is a centralised platform on which you can create and manage PBX instances.

It eliminates the overwhelming workload of separate installation and management, and displays the real-time status of CPU, network, memory and storage. It also provides alarm notifications, enhanced security mechanisms, backups, and upgrades.

Expand instance capacity easily and flexibly

With YMP, you can easily increase the system capacity to include users and concurrent calls for each individual instance.

Regardless of how many customers you have, YMP gives you the flexibility to provide different customers with capacity fitted to their respective needs.

Stay connected with Linkus Unified Communications App

Yeastar Cloud PBX enhances efficiency and creates a consistent in-office experience with the Linkus Unified Communications App.

With Linkus, your Windows desktops and iOS and Android mobile phones can work as office extensions, making real-time communications easy across multiple devices.

UC features like presence, instant messaging, CRM integration are all also at your disposal.

Rich PBX features in the cloud

With Yeastar Cloud PBX, you don’t have to give up many of your favourite features.

Delivering a comprehensive set of business communications features, including unified messaging, conferencing, and IP phone auto provision, Yeastar Cloud PBX ensures the customer’s needs are met in a user-friendly way.

Ask Even Flow for a FREE Yeastar Cloud PBX trial today.

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Get the power back into your hands with Yeastar’s Cloud PBX