Become a professional corporate coach and mentor through Wits Business School

Coaching and mentoring have become popular practices in many organisations as they offer many benefits, both personal and organisational.

Used mainly for professional development, coaching and mentoring enables employees to further their careers and helps them improve their overall performance.

This involves either enhancing their current skills or acquiring new ones.

Wits Business School (WBS) offers an Effective Coaching and Mentoring programme (ECM), which is aimed at equipping individuals to become professional corporate coaches.

Whether you are interested in enhancing your knowledge and understanding of coaching, building your coaching and mentoring skills, or providing professional coaching and mentoring to your employees – this course is for you.

What to expect from the WBS ECM programme

Through this course, participants will receive a coaching and mentoring framework that will enhance insight into the processes, techniques, and critical success factors of coaching and mentoring.

It aims to improve the application of coaching and mentoring at all levels within the participant’s organisation, while at the same time building an understanding of the applicability of coaching and mentoring.

The course also provides direct contact with a professional coach and introduces what is known as the “sustainable capacity plan” that will hone personal effectiveness as a leader and as a coach or mentor.

Participants enrolled in this short course will develop coaching skills, which are developed based on standards aligned and developed by the Graduate School Alliance of Executive Coaching (GSAEC).

Course Content

  • Foundation theories in coaching and mentoring
  • The application of a coaching and mentoring framework
  • Critical success factors in coaching
  • Ethics and a code of coaching conduct aligned to international best practise
  • Feedback techniques in coaching and mentoring

In addition, you will:

  • Develop a personal coaching and mentoring plan based on self-assessment of needs.
  • Develop awareness around on-going professional development through forming a community of practise in coaching and mentoring.

Those who complete the course will be able to examine and establish a knowledge base that underpins coaching and allows them to mentor, evaluate and identify coaching needs, propose an appropriate coaching and mentoring strategy, and apply techniques to coach or mentor team members effectively.

The programme is modular and runs for five days, split into three sessions, which are six weeks apart, and starts on 13 March.

To find out more, visit the Wits Business School website. To apply, download and complete this application form.

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Become a professional corporate coach and mentor through Wits Business School