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How to upskill yourself as a manager

Are you looking to transition into senior management or take on the responsibility of a role with greater scope and more involved decision-making? If so, then Wits Business school’s Management Advancement Programme (MAP) is for you.

The course is specifically designed for those in charge of a functional area or department, and for those currently fulfilling a technical or other professional management role.

It offers the opportunity for managers and aspiring managers to deepen their understanding of the key divisions in business and their inter-relatedness – ultimately helping them to make a more valuable contribution to their organisation at a strategic level.

What MAP covers

The comprehensive, 9-month course focuses on the following key management areas:

  • Human Resource management, including diversity management and industrial relations
  • The economy and business: global, African and South African
  • All aspects of marketing
  • Operations management
  • The principles of accounting and finance
  • Strategic management and analysis, and other relevant topics

You will learn important managerial skills such as how to articulate concepts of strategic management, how to select, design, formulate and implement business strategies, and how to adopt operational management principles to contribute to organisational effectiveness.

MAP assists in the improvement of various personal qualities such as leadership and critical thinking, which will allow you to improve overall team productivity.

With a Management Advancement Programme qualification as part of your CV, you will broaden your career opportunities and other personal future endeavours.

The next WBS MAP course kicks off in April 2019. To apply, download and complete this application form.

It’s important to note that those with a post matric qualification, together with 4 – 5 years functional management experience are eligible to apply for this course.

For more information, visit the Wits Business School website.

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How to upskill yourself as a manager