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MiRO empowers you to deliver powerful connectivity solutions

Internet connectivity and the ability to instantly communicate, both verbally and visually, has become one of the must-haves for any individual or business to reach its full potential.

Although many South Africans have access to the internet, the majority of us are dependent on very costly methods of connectivity and communication, mostly through the use of mobile data and mobile network voice and video communications.

Since its inception in 2003, MiRO has aspired to empower businesses across Southern Africa to connect people and communities in the best way possible. Built around their customers’ needs, MiRO has evolved into one of the leading ICT distributors in sub-Saharan Africa.

Their ability to establish themselves as a value-added partner, and not just another distributor of products, are grounded on their firm belief to empower their customers through the sharing of skills and knowledge. They also offer advise on building ideal solutions through best practice, to deliver a solution, where the customer wants it, when they want it.

In order to back their customers, they have a very high standard support system. Their team not only focusses on pre-sales assistance, but also delivers great after-sales technical support, a highly efficient warranty and repair centre as well as access to tailor-made finance options, for both large scale projects as well as recurring monthly business.

MiRO’s product portfolio is made up of IP-based technologies with a strong focus on wireless IP convergence. The brands they distribute, and support, consists of leading manufacturers of Wi-Fi, fixed wireless broadband, fibre, Voice-over-IP, IP surveillance, IP biometrics and general indoor and outdoor network infrastructure and peripherals.

To become part of the most exciting and profitable sector in the South African economy, contact MiRO and become part of their family of highly successful business partners. They will deliver the know-how, the hardware, software and after-sales care you require to join the revolution of connecting communities in a reliable, fast and cost-effective way.

Contact them by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or visit their website at to register as a business partner.

This article was published in partnership with MiRO.

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MiRO empowers you to deliver powerful connectivity solutions