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Orchestrate business agility with BCX’s new SD-WAN Suite

Businesses looking to be successful in the competitive digital economy need to adopt agile networking solutions for improved cloud access.

Traditional networking solutions such as Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) alone are no longer enough. Instead, businesses can now consider Software Defined Networks (SD-WAN), which is more advanced than traditional networking solutions and mitigates the disadvantages associated with traditional networking solutions.

For example, traditional network devices had to be individually configured, whereas software defined network devices are configured via network-wide policies that are simpler and faster to do. New branch sites can be automatically configured from a central management platform.

Traditionally, load balancing between network connections was expensive to achieve, and most branches had a primary network access link and a back-up link in case of failure of the main link. SD-WAN allows hybrid access with both the primary and the secondary links able to carry traffic at the same time.

Business agility is enhanced because SD-WAN enables fast roll-out of new branch applications through centralized network configuration and application prioritisation. It also simplifies network operation and management and reduces costs. Rolling out new branches takes only a few hours or at most, a couple of days.

BCX SDWAN Suite is optimised for point-to-cloud connectivity and enables direct access to the cloud and cloud-based applications. Security features can be integrated into the branch devices for Internet connectivity to public clouds.

For this reason, SD-WAN adoption continues to gain ground. In fact, there is an upsurge in demand for SD-WAN solutions in businesses of all sizes.

To meet the demand for these solutions in the market, BCX has launched its SD-WAN solution suite.


In partnership with leading networking vendors, BCX has integrated the latest software-defined capabilities into their suite of SD-WAN solutions, with two of their solutions having been named leaders in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure.

According to Carel Booysen, the Head of Data Networks Portfolio Management for BCX, their multi-vendor ecosystem allows clients to combine different vendors’ elements to create a truly customised solution, optimising agility, and cost-efficiencies.

BCX’s managed SD-WAN suite of solutions caters to all businesses and is guaranteed to meet any requirement – from cost-effective small branch solutions to complex, enterprise-grade solutions.

The networking industry is also evolving towards software-defined network function virtualisation (NFV) platforms, where various networking hardware devices like routers and firewalls from different vendors are implemented in software as a single, consolidated network.

This brings a host of benefits – from bandwidth and traffic optimisation with network-wide visibility and control, to rapid application deployment and cost reduction. SD-WAN supports the management of both physical and virtual devices from a central controller, allowing IT managers to create a single management console for their physical and virtual devices.

Why choose BCX

According to Booysen, BCX understands that your business needs a tailored, bespoke solution for networking and adds value by constantly adding new partners to the ecosystem and co-create solutions to meet even the most complex requirements by combining technologies within their holistic suite of SD-WAN solutions.

This means that you only pay for what you need, and along with their managed service capabilities and national technical support footprint, allows you to maximise cost efficiencies.

Apart from being access provider agnostic, BCX is also the only provider that can provide end-to-end connectivity, which includes fixed line, mobile access, and managed SD-WAN from within their own stable.

To find out more visit the BCX website, or email [email protected].

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Orchestrate business agility with BCX’s new SD-WAN Suite