SD-WAN – debunking the myths

Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) has emerged as the modern solution that will disrupt the way we’ve come to understand networking. This is according to Julian Liebenberg, Chief of Telecommunications Solutions at BCX.

According to Liebenberg, Software Defined Networks have also become a major milestone for clients embarking on their digital transformation journey.

This is because businesses are increasingly driven by data, which creates the demand for a stronger, more agile network that can handle 10 or 20 times more data than traditionally, and unfortunately traditional networks aren’t built to handle the load.

SD-WAN simplifies network management using cloud-based software and technology, which in turn helps organisations orchestrate business agility.

While this networking solution has brought much excitement, there is an equal amount of scepticism that propagates myths around its efficiencies.

BCX has listed a few common myths that often discourage businesses from switching to SD-WAN – and has provided facts debunking these myths and revealing the real benefits, so businesses can make informed decisions.

Myth Fact
 SD-WAN complicates a company’s existing WAN. It simplifies your WAN’s architecture and management because it operates from a centralised network controller. This ensures that network configuration is simplified through central policies.
The only real benefit of using SD-WAN is cost-efficiency. SD-WAN has several beneficial features, the most valuable being that it enables more agile, efficient, and simple network operations through increased flexibility, visibility, and network management. It also optimises bandwidth and application performance. BCX offers an end-to-end managed service including solution deployment – saving you on operational resource costs for network deployment and multi-vendor management. We offer a range of network access options that adhere to your budget.
SD-WAN is merely an iteration of WAN optimisation. SD-WAN is not the same thing as WAN optimisation. WAN optimisation has a focus on the reduction of bandwidth consumption.SD-WAN allows for application-based traffic prioritisation, which produces a better result through improved multipath routing. Both solutions can be used together.
You don’t require any additional security for SD-WAN. Even though SD-WAN allows you to set up network-wide security policies, other areas of risk still exist. You should also consider end-point security, branch-level security, firewalls, and monitoring-as-a-service.BCX’s SD-WAN solutions offer comprehensive security features to suit your network security requirements.
SD-WAN will replace MPLS. MPLS provides proven, secure performance and reliability for mission critical and real-time applications. SD-WAN’s hybrid architecture allows  clients to off-load non-critical traffic to Internet links and keep critical traffic on MPLS.

Network evolution and modernisation are highly strategic initiatives for organisations of all sizes and with the wide array of vendors and service provider solutions available, digital transformation can seem overwhelming.

As an SD-WAN expert, BCX understands that each business has unique requirements, which is why they don’t offer you off-the-shelf vendor technology.

Instead they create customisable and scalable solutions to meet even the most complex requirements by combining technologies within their holistic suite of SD-WAN solutions.

Because of this, you only pay for what you need and use, along with BCX’s managed service capabilities and national technical support footprint, which means you can maximise cost efficiencies.

The BCX SD-WAN suite offers multi-vendor technologies as well as their own in-house solutions to deliver a secure cloud-managed and carrier-agnostic network, supported by over 200 certified networking specialists and engineers.

“Apart from being vendor agnostic, we are also the only provider that can provide end-to-end connectivity, which includes fixed line, wireless access, and managed SD-WAN from within our own stable,” said Carel Booysen, Data Networks Executive for BCX.

To unlock agility and improve your network performance, visit the BCX website.

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SD-WAN – debunking the myths