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Next-gen smart, secure printing has arrived

Although there has been much talk around becoming a paperless society as the digital revolution is upon us, it’s safe to say that we’re nowhere near achieving this.

In small, medium, and large enterprises, you continue finding countless documents circling in every department.

As such, workflows, efficiency and productivity are impacted by the printers we use. But it doesn’t stop there – cyberthreats that sometimes find their way into the network are in many cases a result of the infiltration of an unsecure printer.

Resilient and security focussed equipment will streamline workflows, maximize productivity and protect printers from intruders.


The A3 Multifunction Printer (MFP) range from Technology Corporate Management (Pty) Ltd (TCM) and HP addresses these challenges efficiently.

It offers quality, reliability and serviceability, making it one of the top competitors in the printer market. Furthermore, the HP A3 MFP range offer clients affordable colour printing, maintaining high print quality with extensive finishing options.

Outstanding colour

HP’s PageWide technology is integrated into the HP A3 MFPs and offers both speed and value.

The cost-per-page for colour printing is one of the lowest in the market, while the speed is best-in-class.

PageWide technology is also more sustainable than alternatives – consuming up to one-seventh the energy of competing colour laser machines, while producing significantly less packaging waste associated with supplies and long-life consumables.

Improved security

HP A3 MFPs contains security technologies that are always on guard – continually detecting and stopping threats while adapting to new ones.

It includes real-time threat detection, automated monitoring and built-in-software validation.

They automatically self-heal from attacks by triggering a reboot, meaning IT does not have to intervene.

It also consists of HP Sure Start technology, which works behind the scenes by validating the integrity of the BIOS when powering up.

The BIOS is a set of boot instructions used to load critical hardware components and initiate firmware.

If a compromised version is discovered, the device restarts using a safe “golden copy” of its BIOS.

Minimal Interruptions. Maximum Uptime.

All in all, the A3 MFPs and printers are designed for minimal interruptions, maximum uptime, and robust security.

They offer improved accuracy and easily integrate with document workflow processes to give workgroups the speed they need.

Its built-in technology also anticipates problems, schedules maintenance, and ensures that your printer is consistently up and running.

The industry’s strongest

HP, in partnership with TCM offers a scalable, flexible and consistent portfolio of hardware, software and services, while ensuring the strongest security.

If you are looking for an Accredited Services Provider and proud Gold Partner of HP to help you bridge the gap between your overall IT needs and print security. Look no further. TCM has got what you need.

To find out more on TCM’s HP print offerings visit their website here.

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Next-gen smart, secure printing has arrived