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Prepare for a career focusing on user-centered design principles with Open Window

In the job market, it is important to stand out and offer something unique to prospective employers.

This is because businesses are looking for employees who can provide innovative and new skills to their workplaces.

That’s why the Bachelor of Interaction Design degree, facilitated by Open Window’s School of Creative Technologies, is such a valuable qualification. It is the first qualification of its kind in South Africa and offers highly innovative education in a variety of cutting-edge fields that are all premised on the concept of user-centred design principles.

Students will get to choose a specialisation between Interaction Design, Interactive Development and 3D Design. Each of these fields is dynamic and is expected to grow substantially in the coming years, meaning that graduates will be well-equipped to enter the workforce and be successful.

Problem-solving and research skills are heavily stressed in this course and these abilities enable graduates to craft meaningful experiences – whether they are working with digital or physical products or services.

One of the key strengths of this degree is that it simultaneously teaches a variety of skills that are generally valuable in this field – such as visual culture, creative development and design theory – while simultaneously allowing students to develop specialised skills that will make them highly attractive to employers.

Other opportunities

Open Window offers other valuable courses too. Its Schools of Visual Communication and Film Arts both provide alternative career paths for creative-minded prospective students.

Within the School of Visual Communication, the Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication Design offers a progressive platform dedicated to helping learners explore the fields of communication design, photography, and illustration. This degree equips students with the skills required to embark on a sustainable, fulfilling career in these fields.

Those with a desire to enter the world of film can embark on an education journey that will teach them a wide range of valuable skills for this industry.

A Bachelor of Film Arts from Open Window is intended for those looking to enter audio-visual media fields such as scriptwriting, producing, directing, sound designing, 3D animation, and even game design.

Over and above the 3 degree programmes at Open Window, there are also 4 certificate programmes – Design Techniques, Photography, Film and Television, and a programme in 3D Animation and Visual Effects. For those seeking to embark on a postgraduate journey, there is an honours programme with a specialisation in any of Open Window’s 14 specialisations.

Experience Open Window

Create, Invent and Explore with Open Window at their Open Day on Saturday 25 May from 9:00 to 14:00.

They will provide more information regarding their inventive, imaginative and innovative studies, and will be holding valuable talks on these topics from 11:00 to 13:00.

Learn more here.

This article was published in partnership with Open Window.

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Prepare for a career focusing on user-centered design principles with Open Window