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How to watch the Cricket World Cup while you’re working

With the ICC Cricket World Cup in full swing, fans will be glued to their screens, even if that Friday report is due. Lurking on the SuperSport website is one way to stay up to date as the wickets fall; another way is to use the picture-in-picture mode at

DStv Now is the online streaming version of DStv, and available to all DStv subscribers. Clicking the new picture-in-picture mode feature creates a floating screen on your desktop of the channel being streamed. In this case: SuperSport 2 and 6, the dedicated Cricket World Cup channels.

How to use picture-in-picture mode on DStv Now

  1. Visit from your laptop or computer.
  2. Click Live TV and select either SuperSport 2 (202) or SuperSport 6 (206).
  3. While streaming the cricket, click the picture-in-picture icon in the bottom right corner; next to the LIVE button.
  4. Drag the pop-up screen to the corner of your desktop, and keep an eye on cricket while you’re working.

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How to watch the Cricket World Cup while you’re working