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In recent years SD-WAN has become the go-to networking solution to help businesses leverage, manage and secure Internet broadband to build more robust networks for enterprise applications.

However, with many sophisticated networking players in the market, such as Cisco and VMware, it’s become perplexing to differentiate between SD-WAN solutions.

The challenge for clients and solutions providers

Carel Booysen, SD-WAN Executive for BCX, echoes this sentiment, saying that many networking vendors like Cisco and VMware offer a plethora of networking solutions, which leave them vying for market share.

According to Julian Liebenberg, Chief of Telecommunication Solutions for BCX, it’s not only vendors who are in a predicament, but clients too.

“There is enormous choice in the SD-WAN environment when you look at the OEM manufacturer solutions, and that is quite difficult then for clients to make a choice,” said Liebenberg.

This is because when you look at any other part of the ICT business and the solutions you have to consider, like storage for instance, you probably have a choice of 3 to 5 solutions or vendors, whereas when you look at the SD-WAN space there is probably a choice of 50, if not more.

The client needs to choose, but vendors are not all equal. Their differences aren’t subtle, and the client often needs more than one solution.

For example, the client’s network, which consists of a regional head office, branch offices, and a data centre environment, would require high bandwidth, low latency, and extremely high-levels of SLAs in terms of compatibility and reliability.

They would also require something that can make decisions, in terms of load balancing across multiple datacentres, and would need back-up routing to keep it active. Then, because of these interconnections from datacentres across the SD-WAN, they end up with a very expensive, sophisticated environment.

That same client might also have smaller branch offices but may already have based their SD-WAN strategy upon their data centre or head office’s requirement.

This means they would now deploy the same sophistication for head office and datacentres at ordinary branch offices, which have cost-sensitive requirements, while not using it in its full capacity.

BCX’s SD-WAN Suite solution

BCX has developed a multi-vendor ecosystem with the latest software-defined capabilities to cater to those with cost-sensitive, small branch requirements as well as those who want a more comprehensive, enterprise-grade solution.

It allows clients to mix and match different vendors’ elements to create a truly customised solution.

This means you can deploy a solution that caters to every requirement in the network in its own capacity, reducing expenses and complications significantly.

For example, you can tailor the SD-WAN solution to cater to the requirements at the regional offices and small branch offices – which differ in size and complexity. “In these two specific areas, we partner with leading networking vendors like Cisco for example,” said Liebenberg.

There are also clients with branches in rural areas where connectivity is not reliable. This means they need to combine wireless access with a copper type connectivity in their network solution to achieve a certain level of reliability.

Reliability is now important because the site is rural and remote, but because there would only be one or two office workers, you won’t need all the capabilities of a branch office. For this scenario, BCX has developed an in-house solution called SD-WAN Express.

“The real benefit of this is that the client has a solution per site or per user, which suits each and every one of them, but we still bring it all together in a single management console and a single management report to the client,” said Liebenberg. “The end-point no longer dictates that he can only have a one solution that must be deployed across all requirements.”

To find out more about BCX’s SD-WAN Suite of solutions, you can contact them via [email protected].

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Find the best SD-WAN solution for you