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South Africa becomes first country in Africa to offer Apple Teacher to upskill and support educators

Placing technology in the hands of learners without addressing the development of teachers is a mission doomed to fail. In a country with a compromised education system, it is crucial to identify holistic solutions that will assist teachers in educating effectively.

As one of only three certified Apple trainers to deliver the iOS deployment courses in South Africa, Alan Goldberg, Director of Education at Apple Premium Reseller Digicape, believes that while technology plays an important role in addressing critical education challenges, equipped educators are needed to guide the process.

“In answer to this, Apple launched Apple Teacher, a free, professional learning programme designed to support and upskill teachers,” says Goldberg.

This is part of Apple’s drive to support educators so that they can unlock the full capabilities of their technology and teach learners the relevant skills they need to thrive – even beyond the classroom.

Initially available in countries such as Switzerland, France and Denmark, South Africa has become the first African country to offer the programme to educators who make use of iPad and MacBook.

“Demonstrating to educators what is possible  –  rather than expecting them to be technical gurus  –  is the first step towards empowering them to become skilled facilitators of learning.”

The programme comprises of a series of online courses that provide teachers with the various tools and knowledge to create innovative and immersive learning experiences. These courses range from teaching educators how to unlock creativity in learners (through the use of apps such as Keynote and GarageBand), to teaching coding.

Goldberg explains that the aim of the programme is to help educators get the most from Apple technology at every point in the learning journey.

“Teachers are able to test their new skills by taking a number of interactive quizzes in the Apple Teacher Learning Centre. Teachers earn a badge when a quiz is successfully completed, and once they’ve completed all quizzes they’re officially recognised as Apple Teachers. This accolade can be added to CVs as an indication of proficiency.”

Having assisted over 120 schools nationally in successfully integrating technology into the classroom, Digicape offers a plethora of training programmes to educators, enabling them to confidently engage with new technology so that they can ultimate offer a richer learning experience to students.

“We have seen first-hand how schools that support the professional development of their teachers experience higher levels of student participation and engagement, with better learner outcomes,” he concludes.

This article was published in partnership with Digicape.

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South Africa becomes first country in Africa to offer Apple Teacher to upskill and support educators