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Fibre connectivity options from Netshield

With the advent of fiber optics, the digital infrastructure of many industries has seriously improved, changing the way business is done.

This technology provides faster data in transmission, greater bandwidth over longer distances and is more reliable at a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

However, to fully benefit from all fibre is and all that it offers, you need certain hardware in place.

 Netshield fibre connectivity hardware

Pretoria-based company Netshield specialises in electronic, mechanical, instrumental, optical and technological research, development and manufacturing.

Netshield has a policy whereby they strive to continually evaluate and harness industry standards, industry changes, and design challenges, including the application of modular standardisation and modularity in design, in order to simplify the development process and concepts within their business.

This ultimately results in competitive pricing, maintainability, serviceability and backup spares availability that benefits customers.

Netshield fibre connectivity range

Included in their electronic and connectivity product scope is Netshield’s fibre connectivity products which have helped installers add value to their fibre installations through quality products over 23 years.

Their range of fibre connectivity products are outlined below.

Ethernet Media Converters

 Netshield stocks the best in international bridging – and industrial – Ethernet media converters. These ranges are of the highest quality and will meet your networking, video, and industrial needs.

With the simple deployment of Netshield’s affordable media converters, you can convert the older areas in your network to fibre.

Using Multi Mode fibre, the range is extended to 2km and on Single Mode fibre, the range can be extended up to 120km. It is also a good alternative if your ports are copper, but devices are all fibre.

It’s also great if you are undecided about the future of their network and need a quick fix or an affordable solution to help your network act like a fibre network.

Ethernet switches

If you’re looking for L2 Ethernet switches or maybe a 10/100 switch that comes coupled with fibre ports, then look no further. The Netshield ‘NSW’ range offers both non-manageable and web smart devices.

Duplex and Simplex Fibre Optic Leads

Netshield also offers fibre patch leads which are all duplex, allowing you to make use of them to both transmit and receive data. Their leads are available in a variety of lengths in both multi and single mode.

The Netshield range is standard, but ruggedised versions can be obtained if quantities justify it.

Fibre Patch Leads are used between the Splice Tray and equipment such as a media converter or a switch. It is always important to remember that a Fibre Patch lead has 2 sides.

The Netshield range is duplex, which means that it can transmit as well as receive.  It is important to qualify the connector on both sides.

Standard lengths are 1m, 3m and 6m.  Other lengths can be obtained if the quantities justify it.

Netshield’s SFP transceiver range – Don’t rip and replace

Netshield’s SFP range is the perfect reason to not replace your network but rather to convert it.

With the growth in cloud applications, digital solutions and IoT, the demand for high quality data networks continue to flourish.

The costs, however, remain crippling when looking to scale networks out. Thankfully Netshield’s SFP, SFP+, QSFP and QSFP28 compatible transceiver modules allows you to expand your voice and data networks by adding fibre into your existing network without throwing out what you have.

Previously available in only 1G (SFP) and 10G (SFP+) versions standard with LC type fibre connectors, Netshield has expanded its range to include both 40G and 100G Transceiver modules, all of which can be used to seamlessly integrate with any distribution access switch and other networking equipment that has the appropriate transceiver slots.

As the company’s SFP compatibles are hardware agnostic they will interface with switches that include HP, Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel-Lucent or Avaya, and more.

Why use Netshield

With 20 years’ experience, Netshield thrives on opportunities to create innovative real-world products and tailor-made solutions that are inspired by customer challenges and are specifically suited for the African and South African markets.

All employees of Netshield SA are focused on the same goal: Giving their best performance for complete customer satisfaction.

For more information on Netshield’s Fibre Connectivity range, you can visit the Netshield website.

This article was published in partnership with Netshield.

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Fibre connectivity options from Netshield