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MediaTek – Chipsets that power the world

When it comes to powering smartphone performance, MediaTek is a sure-fire bet.

MediaTek is a market leader in chipset technology and is ranked second globally when it comes to powering mobile phones. Twenty percent of homes around the world also use products powered by MediaTek including smart speakers, TVs and voice assistant devices.

MediaTek’s chipsets give customers access to premium technology packed with powerful, impressive features at prices which are affordable to the mass market.

MediaTek’s Helio chipsets

MediaTek has an impressive range of chipsets, which are incredibly prevalent across the mobile phone market.

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One of their most popular ranges is the Helio family, which caters to a wide variety of smartphone types.

  • The MediaTek Helio P is designed to support powerful premium features such as AI and smart imaging while balancing power and performance efficiently. Thus, smartphones powered by this chipset series have the key features that consumers want in a device.
  • The MediaTek Helio A is targeted at mid-range smartphones, providing great user experience and impressive camera features at an affordable price point.

These chipsets are incredibly popular and are used in many great smartphones – ranging from mid-range smartphones with great performance, to premium devices that sport a vast array of impressive features.

Benefits of MediaTek-powered smartphones

Important smartphone features that MediaTek’s chipsets support with ease include:

  • Mobile photography – MediaTek can power up to 4Kx2K video capture and playback, as well as accurate color reproduction and boost image quality. Many users prioritise the camera as one of the most important factors when buying a smartphone, and MediaTek-powered smartphones never fail to impress in this regard.
  • Faster charging – The Pump Express feature means that MediaTek-powered devices can power smartphones up quickly, ensuring that a full charge is available faster. This is perfect for the user on-the-go.
  • Superior connectivity – MediaTek offers some of the best smartphone modems and processor technologies in the market that, when combined, improve connectivity and support features such as dual SIM and VoLTE.

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The Hisense Infinity H30

The latest smartphone powered by MediaTek launched in South Africa is the Hisense Infinity H30.

This smartphone offers great bang for your buck by using MediaTek hardware – which is more affordable than the other options, despite being just as high quality.

The company has also recently launched its newest brand store on Takealot – meaning that their equipment is now easily available online for purchase.

Visit their website and learn more about the wide variety of products that MediaTek offers.

This article was published in partnership with MediaTek.

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MediaTek – Chipsets that power the world