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Euphoria Telecom takes customer excellence to new levels

The South African telecoms industry has historically been associated with poor service, largely because it has been monopolised by a handful of large players thus eliminating much-needed competition. Fortunately the landscape has changed and new entrants are now offering superior solutions combined with exceptional customer service.

Cloud PBX providers like Euphoria Telecom are redefining service excellence and are now providing a world-class customer experience. Euphoria CEO John Woollam believes that modern telecom providers need to offer exceptional service if they want to survive. “We don’t have the massive customer volumes that first world countries enjoy, so to attract and retain customers is critical, every customer is valuable and needs to be treated with care.”

“We realise the importance of building strong relationships. We pride ourselves on delivering remarkable service to our 4500+ customers. We listen to them and gain insights into what really makes them tick,” he explains. “We have come to understand that while businesses of all sizes really love our system with its host of user-friendly features they ultimately stick with us because of our service. That’s the magic ingredient that leads to long-term loyalty”.

Euphoria Telecom doesn’t lock its customers into lengthy contracts like most other telecoms providers do but instead operates on a month-to-month basis. “For us it’s about creating reciprocal respect,” says Woollam. “We respect our customers and don’t want them to feel trapped. Euphoria was built with the customer’s needs at its heart. This will never change because everyone at Euphoria knows that our rapid and continued success is a result of the positive customer-centric culture which has been built on trust – not fear. We proudly zig where others zag”.

Woollam believes that happy customers are the result of happy staff. That’s why the company also has a dynamic, innovative and creative working environment that promotes freedom and agility. Staff are encouraged to experiment, collaborate and offer new ideas. It’s very much a group effort centered around staff input. Euphoria encourages communication and inclusion. Company culture is an integral part of this flourishing business and it has a direct effect on nearly every aspect of the business.

Woollam says that to attract and retain talented staff, businesses need to create a culture that everyone enjoys. “Our growth has largely been the result of our employees being enthusiastic about service,” Woollam concludes. “We make an effort to create an amazing experience for each and every customer.  Whether it’s a business with three phone extensions or three thousand, we provide unmatched support every step of the way. That will always be our focus”.

To meet John Woollam and see a brief overview of Euphoria Telecom in action watch this short and informative video clip here:

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Euphoria Telecom takes customer excellence to new levels