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New series to stream on Showmax

Here’s what to look forward to in August from Showmax. Plus, don’t forget that you can also stream selected sports events live – we’re especially looking forward to the live EFC fight on 10 August. 

Our top picks

HBO’s Ballers S5

Dwayne Johnson’s Spencer is expected to start the season off with guns blazing as he attempts to settle his score with the NCAA. He wants to see justice served following his brother’s suicide – will he manage to do that?

New episodes land every Friday at 21:30 from Monday, 26 August. Watch Seasons 1-4 now »

Project Blue Book 

College professor Dr J Allen Hynek is recruited by the US Air Force to investigate UFO encounters in the 1950s. Inspired by the real-life top-secret Project Blue Book operation.

Project Blue Book is First on Showmax. Watch now »

Siren S2B

Ben, Maddie and Ryn are doing everything in their power to keep the group of mermaids who’ve arrived in Bristol Cove safe and hidden.

But most of their efforts are thwarted by factors outside of their control. Siren is First on Showmax. Watch now »

Kidding S1

Jim Carrey stars as Jeff Piccirillo, better known by his long-time children’s puppet show persona Mr Pickles. Jeff’s whole world starts to fall apart after the death of his eldest son. New episodes land every Friday at 22:30 from Friday, 9 August. 


Zog is a young dragon determined to do well at Dragon School, where he learns about flying, roaring and breathing fire. But poor Zog experiences a few challenges along the way, many caused by his clumsiness.

Zog is First on Showmax, where you can also find other delightful Julia Donaldson movies, such as The Gruffalo. Thursday, 8 August.

More highlights 

  • Sweet Bitter S1: A country girl tries to make it as a waitress in New York. Watch now »
  • Gangland Undercover S1-2: The true story of a felon who goes undercover to take down a vicious motorcycle gang. Watch now »
  • Six S1: A team of US Navy SEALs must save a Marine kidnapped by jihadists in Nigeria. Watch now »
  • The Royals S4: A soap opera featuring a scandalous version of the British Royal Family. Starring Liz Hurley. Watch now »
  • Radio Raps Live: Laat Ek You So Sê & Dingetjies en Goetertjies: Two of Jonathan’s  hilarious one-man shows. Thursday, 8 August.
  • Stroomop: A support group learns valuable life lessons. Monday, 12 August.
  • Tertjag Die Melktert Kommissie & Klapjag Live: Afrikaans bands team up for a special reunion. Monday, 12 August.
  • Utatakho S7: Nimrod Nkosi helps people find their biological fathers. Monday, 12 August.
  • Isidima: A mother is charged with murder after killing the man who attacked her daughter. Thursday, 15 August.

How to get Showmax

Sign up for a 14-day free trial at Thereafter, access to a ton of local and international series, movies and documentaries costs just R99 per month. 

DStv Premium subscribers get Showmax at no extra cost – just go to the website to sign up.

DStv Compact and Compact Plus subscribers can add Showmax to their subscription for just R49 per month

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New series to stream on Showmax