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Upgrade to Windows 10 before it’s too late! Free IT Assessment through Digital Generation

If you or your employees are still using Windows 7, now is the time to migrate to Windows 10.

The reason for this is because like all operating systems before it, Windows 7 is starting to reach the end of its lifecycle. This also means that it’s becoming more critical to upgrade in order to keep your information and data safe.

For the last 3-4 years, new PCs have been shipped with Windows 10. Machines that have been bought prior to that are the only devices still in circulation running on Windows 7, as Microsoft has already ended mainstream support for Windows 7 at the start of 2015. Now, however, extended support is also coming to an end.

“New PCs have been made without the capability of loading older operating systems as a result of the newer Intel processors. So, every machine from Gen 7, Gen 8, and now Gen 9 CPUs won’t allow you to install Windows 7,” said Julian Pienaar, Pre-Sales and Product Technologist for Lenovo South Africa.

Transition to Windows 10

Support for Windows 7 will come to an end in January 2020. Machines that still run on Windows 7 will be unsecure, putting users’ information at risk, as Microsoft will no longer supply security patches and security updates for the older OS.

The easiest way to upgrade to Windows 10 if you’re a home user is by installing the new version yourself. “Windows will probably let you know that your OS will soon be unsupported through a little icon which will appear in the bottom right-hand corner next to your time widget, which will suggest the upgrade to Windows 10. If you then click on it, it will download and install the software automatically,” said Pienaar.

For enterprises, however, the upgrade is a little more complicated, but thankfully, Lenovo and Digital Generation are offering a FREE IT ASSESSMENT to assist you in your migration to Windows 10.

The two companies offer a corporate-level migration plan, whereby users’ data will be backed up. The new version of Windows 10 is then deployed, and the users’ data, files, and email information are restored back onto users’ devices.

If you don’t want an assessment, but would like to receive a quote on the new Windows license alone, DG will be able to assist with that.

To find out more or to book your FREE IT ASSESSMENT, visit the DG website or contact [email protected].

This article was published in partnership with Digital Generation.

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Upgrade to Windows 10 before it’s too late! Free IT Assessment through Digital Generation