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Unexpected change leads to a 110% growth for Formulated IT Group

Formulated IT Group is a registered ISP that specialises in office automation and business communication.

They have been operating for almost two decades and during this time they have become one of South Africa’s leading business communications providers.

When their main PBX vendor exited the market without any warning, leaving them and many other service providers with no support, no stock, and no means of taking their communication solution forward.

Formulated IT Group started their search for a new PBX vendor and turned to MiRO to assist them in finding a reliable alternative solution.

After MiRO’s initial assessment, they suggested Grandstream Networks. An award-winning unified communications vendor that caters to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and has been recognized throughout the world for their quality, reliability and innovation.

Formulated IT Group realised the apparent benefits of partnering with MiRO and started the transition by approaching their top-level clients and gradually integrating the Grandstream PBX into their systems to see how these clients would respond to the new PBX solution.

Transitioning to new Grandstream PBXs

We spoke to Clayton Gloy, Sales Director at Formulated IT Group about the transition over to the new Grandstream PBXs.

Elaborating on this, Gloy explained: ‘’We uninstalled our clients’ old PBX’s and reinstalled the new Grandstream equipment and left the equipment there for a month. We gave some of our clients the equipment and told them to use it for as long as they see fit, after the month we went back to the clients to get a better understanding of what the PBX could and could not do. At the end of this trial period, our clients were completely satisfied and ready to make the companywide transition over to Grandstream.’’

After the successful adoption of the Grandstream PBX solution, that was adding value to their new customers and helping them retain their existing accounts, they started to explore more of the Grandstream range.

This included Grandstream’s facility access system solutions and the GWN range of Wireless networking equipment.

In the space of one year Formulated IT Group have managed to increase their VoIP and business communication portfolio by 110%, increasing their market share and allowing the business to expand into new areas that were previously unattainable.

Read more to find out how Grandstream can help your business achieve great growth!

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Unexpected change leads to a 110% growth for Formulated IT Group