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You can now apply at these 6 institutions for 2020

If you are looking to study for the first time, or further your studies and reach your career goals at a world-class tertiary institution, then these are the 6 institutions that you may want to consider in 2020.


CityVarsity is the perfect institution to help you make a career of your talent.

If you are a budding photographer, have a passion for animation, or a flair for words –  you’ve found the school of media and creative arts college where creative thinking and talent is honed in preparation for opportunities worldwide.

CityVarsity inspire you to build on your passion and leave your mark. 2020 registrations are now open.


Whether you’re a pre- or post-graduate, ICESA has the perfect options for life after Matric, and for those looking for a second chance at a successful career.

At ICESA, the guesswork is taken out of your hands with their wide range of full and part-time courses to suit your every need.

What’s more is that those who register for 2020 before 31 December 2019 will get to pay 2019 fees on 12-month payment terms. Additionally, no deposit is required.


Damelin is a leader in private higher education that offers a wide range of innovative and relevant Higher Education as well as Further Education and Training qualifications that rival some of the best universities in the country.

As an award-winning brand, Damelin is committed to academic excellence, making it the ideal place to catapult your career.

Damelin is also offering a special for applicants applying before 31 December 2019.

These applicants won’t have to pay a deposit, and will see no monthly increase on their 12-month payment term.


Lyceum offers accredited distance learning, where you can get a degree, a diploma, and higher certificates.

As a well-recognised and accredited college that is committed to providing quality education to better the lives of people and inspire success, Lyceum has produced some of the most prominent and successful alumni in the industry.


In today’s tech-driven world, skilled individuals in the technical field are in high demand.

As a result, those with the necessary skills and qualifications have the flexibility of obtaining employment either in the private or government sector and can even using these skills to venture into entrepreneurship.

What’s more is that those who study for a career in tech will have more earning and growth potential than many others who aren’t in the tech field.

Intec offers accredited diplomas, certificates, and higher diplomas that are perfect to bridge the skills gap in the ever-changing world of technological innovation.


In order for businesses to survive and move forward in our constantly agile economy, there is a need for agile and strong management.

Damelin Business School has great courses for those looking to groom themselves for management and fast-track their career into that desired position.

With a Damelin Business Management Certificate you can enter an industry with the know-how and tools for the effective management/coaching of staff.

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You can now apply at these 6 institutions for 2020