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Halve your travel bag using this one trick

There’s nothing worse than hauling a bag that’s half your weight out of taxis, across busy streets or up hotel stairs. Declutter your holiday and streamline your travel bag with this one ingenious trick.

Our lives are rushed and cluttered, which is why your much-needed December holiday should be as stress-free as possible.

That applies as much to the contents of your bag as to the actual planning of the trip.

With this one tried-and-tested packing trick, you can minimise the items in your bag and essentially halve its weight.

This trick is so simple it may seem obvious, but it’s still easy to miss.

It is tempting to toss your favourite clothing items in the general direction of your bag before battling to zip them all in. But don’t.

Take a breather and approach your cupboard with purpose. This time you’re going to apply a simple trick: you’re going to pack by outfit.

How to streamline your holiday packing

Packing by outfit means laying out all your outfits before packing them into your bag.

It will help you only take along clothing that can be mixed and matched. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Lay out your clothes by item – bottoms first, for example – then combine items to put together enough outfits for half the time you’re travelling
  • See if you can mix and match each item of clothing to create more outfits. Do those shoes only work with one of your outfits? Replace them with a more versatile pair. Does that top only work with a pair of pants you weren’t even planning on packing? Put it back in the cupboard
  • For extra packing credit, consider heavier items first – jackets, shoes and pants – and work your way down to the lightest

Simplify travel. Live better. 

The beauty of travelling light is that there’s more space for holiday shopping.

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Halve your travel bag using this one trick