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Microsoft is one of the biggest technology companies in the world, and businesses have invested lots of money into numerous Microsoft products and services.

These include the Windows desktop and Windows server operating systems, as well as the company’s Microsoft Office applications.

However, as the business landscape continues to progress, one technology is becoming critical to the continued success of businesses – the cloud.

The public cloud is set to be the dominant model for facilitating computing process and managing resources in the future – which is why many businesses have already transitioned onto these platforms.

To this end, Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform is the logical next step for businesses.

Benefits of the cloud

A key benefit of taking your business resources to the cloud is that it lessens the cost of your operations via the optimisation of legacy applications and software.

The optimisation of these applications means that companies can run processes and access data in a more efficient manner.

If your business is running legacy applications on old, out-of-date infrastructure, your costs are likely to increase year-on-year due to hidden costs that you may not be expecting.

These include costs relating to additional technical labour, the replacement of servers, management of end-of-life operating systems, unscheduled downtime due to app or hardware failure, or even security issues.

Companies need to modernise their technologies to avoid these additional costs, and the short-term investment in modern technologies will provide your business with long-term savings and business efficiency.

This is because data is a company’s most valuable asset, and companies should be focused on ensuring that customer data is stored, accessed, and managed efficiently.

This ties in with another important element of cloud technologies – improved data security.

The cloud storage facilities of leading cloud providers such as Microsoft are designed to comply with important data privacy laws – including POPI and GDPR.

“Cyber-crime is one of the top risks facing companies today,” said leading Microsoft Cloud provider MMC.

“To mitigate this risk, companies need to proactively manage security risk and security governance.”

Other technologies that are expected to become increasingly prominent in business systems – including robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) – are also more efficient when run on the cloud.

This makes it clear that businesses need to be moving onto the cloud or risk falling behind their competitors.

MMC – Offering elite cloud services

MMC is a leading IT managed services provider and cloud solutions integrator that offers clients superior cloud-based Microsoft solutions using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft O365.

Since these services are provided by Microsoft, they are the logical choice for businesses who are already using Microsoft software – such as Windows operating systems and the Office suite of applications.

“Companies can maximise their licensing ROI by comprehensively understanding the features and benefits of Azure and O365 and mapping this to business strategy and intent, i.e. Governance, Security, and Digital Transformation Projects,” added MMC.

MMC has comprehensive knowledge of these Microsoft products, as well as the experience to assist your business in the transition to a superior Microsoft Cloud solution.

MMC also offers businesses with a comprehensive strategy which allows businesses to move their on-premise infrastructure and applications onto the Azure cloud by using Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework.

As part of your Microsoft Cloud service, facilitated by MMC, you will receive a plethora of other valuable features – including Azure information protection, data loss prevention, high-quality data protection services, and improved workforce efficiency.

Microsoft’s Cloud services are also expertly positioned to improve your workforce efficiency and enables the running of a truly mobile workforce – able to work at any time and from anywhere.

MMC and Microsoft are the right partners to take your business into the future via the cloud.

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Prepare your company for the future of ICT