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Interest by South Africans in Malta’s EU Residence Programmes on the rise – Here’s why

With the political situation being what it is, crime rates continuously on the rise and job opportunities looking bleaker by the minute, many South Africans, as many as 3% per year, are moving to safer regions like Malta in search of a better environment, more employment and business opportunities, and generally a better way of life.

If you are interested in the subject or interested in investing or relocating to Malta, you must make it a point to attend the next series of the highly anticipated Malta Residence and Property Investment Seminars, taking place between the 10 and 16 March 2020.

The seminars are being organised by Malta’s leading real estate group – Frank Salt Real Estate (1969). Although attendance is free of charge, prior booking is essential.

In the meantime, here are some of the main reasons why more and more South Africans are making Malta their new home or taking up one of the island’s attractive EU residence and Visa programmes.

Dreamlike weather

Malta is the quintessence of sunny skies and breezy seas and with more than three hundred days of sunshine a year, it’s no wonder that expats from all over the world are attracted to the island.

Besides the weather, however, Malta has lots more to offer, especially for South Africans who are looking to relocate to a similar climate.

No language barrier

Malta has two official languages, one of which is English thus making it easier for saffas and English-speaking foreigners to integrate with the local community, conduct business and generally get things done.

Perfect geographical location

Malta is right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, which gives the island a unique geographical advantage of being close to mainland Europe but also a stone’s throw away from North Africa.

Safe with a booming economy

Perhaps most importantly for those looking to relocate to Malta for peace of mind, the island is one of the safest in the world and its economy is booming, it is part of the EU and Schengen area, and between 2014 and 2016 Malta was the fastest growing economy in the EU (4.5% pa).

Today it has a record-low unemployment rate and Malta’s tax system is intended to appeal to high net worth individuals, offering a flat tax of 15% for qualified people earning between €85,000 and €5 million a year.

The island’s economic growth remains on the fast track and is expected to be highest in EU over next two years according to the European Commission’s Autumn 2019 economic forecast.

Five-star healthcare

According to a 2017 European Observatory report, Maltese life expectancy is exceptionally high. The Maltese spend on average close to 90% of their life in good health – this is longer than in any other EU country. Malta’s main hospital, Mater Dei, is one of the largest medical buildings in Europe.

In addition, there are eight other state-run health centres across the islands as well as an increasing number of private healthcare clinics and hospitals.

Property in Malta is a wise investment

There are many beautiful properties for sale in Malta and the demand for them is also very high. Whilst property prices are always on the increase and rental yields as well, real estate investments in Malta have always been, and remain extremely secure.

The Maltese are known for their hospitability

Depending on which part of the world you come from, the jurisdiction offers a wide range of visas, residence permits and Malta Residency Programmes to suit the needs of a broad spectrum of people.

Frank Salt Real Estate seminars

For South Africans interested in investing or moving to Malta or Gozo, Frank Salt Real Estate is hosting its next series of Malta Residence and Property Investment Seminars –  free of charge.

The upcoming seminars will consist of a few short presentations followed by one-on-one sessions with key speakers and their support teams, as well as Frank Salt partner agents in South Africa.

The subjects covered will include real estate or investment opportunities and taxation and residence in Malta through presentations by Grahame Salt, a director of Frank Salt Real Estate, together with South African partners who have experienced Malta first-hand.

Lawyers and residency specialists from Maltese law firm EMD, and some of the island’s leading property developers will also be present.

The individual sessions are highly recommended as they offer an opportunity to gather exact information related to property investment, taxation, or residency.

The 20-minute one-on-one sessions are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, and refreshments will also be served.

Seminars will take place in Johannesburg on 10 March, Durban on 12 March and Cape Town on 16 March.

To register, or to find out more about the forthcoming Malta residency, investment, and citizenship seminars, visit the Malta residency website

Frank Salt Real Estate is Malta’s largest privately-owned real estate agency and has operated in Malta for 50 years.

Not only do they aid in the relocation process, but also offer a vast selection of good-quality commercial, investment, or residential properties.

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Interest by South Africans in Malta’s EU Residence Programmes on the rise – Here’s why