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How to stay connected during load-shedding

Load-shedding is upon us and it looks like it’s here to stay for some time.

If your ADSL, Fixed-LTE or Fibre connection is connected to a router and the power goes out, your Internet is gone.

When load-shedding strikes, thousands of clients lose their connection and call in to ISP call centres at once, making it difficult to get hold of an agent.

Tips for dealing with load-shedding

Axxess recently provided clients with some useful information and self-help steps on how to get back online once your power is restored.

In some cases, your router needs to establish a connection with the network or nearest tower in order to get Internet access again.

Do not reset your router

Axxess does not advise that clients reset their router after their load shedding cycle has ended.

It can take a while for towers and exchanges that went down to power back up. If a large area is affected, then everyone will be trying to connect at the same time and will need to wait their turn in the “queue”.

Once your power has been restored, you may need to allow a few minutes or a couple of hours to get back online. We expect that this time will also decrease as our network partners find ways to minimise the impact of load-shedding on users.

How to keep your router powered

We all know generators are expensive, but another solution might be a small Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

A 1,000VA can easily power your Fibre CPE or ONT device and your Wi-Fi router for the standard 4-hour load-shedding period. You should also be able to charge your mobile device to stay connected.

These UPS devices are available at major stores and online retailers for very reasonable prices.

This will allow you to stay connected during load-shedding and avoid the rush to re-connect when the power comes back on.

It’s also a great idea to invest in a surge protector. The power surge that occurs when the power comes back can severely damage your CPE or ONT and router (as well as devices like your TV, computer or tablet).

Using a surge protector will ensure your devices are safe. LTE failover is a low-cost solution that is perfect for emergency situations.

Stay connected with an LTE solution

While a full backup Internet connection is the most sure-fire way to avoid a loss of productivity due to internet outage, the cost can be prohibitive for some businesses, especially smaller ones.

For these businesses, LTE failover is a great option for a lifeline connection in the event of an internet outage.

This solution involves using an LTE data service and rechargeable MiFi Router as a backup Internet connection in the event of a service interruption.

With an LTE Data SIM and a portable MiFi Router from Axxess you can stay connected during load shedding or when your primary Internet connection is down.

Packages start from as little as R99 per month for 10GB anytime data and 10GB night-time data.

MTN Fixed-LTE is another great connectivity solution for those who don’t have access to ADSL for Fibre-to-the-Home connectivity.

Simple and easy, self-installed connectivity that’s affordable without any fixed line installation needed.

Axxess offers MTN Fixed LTE – SIM Only services starting from only R199 per month for 30GB anytime data and 30GB night-time data.

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How to stay connected during load-shedding