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Protect your company’s data on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s powerful software solutions are global, market-leading tools for businesses – offering numerous benefits over competitors.

One of the most important benefits of Microsoft’s solutions are that they are available in almost every area your business that requires software – from operating systems, to security, to Office applications, and even the cloud.

The cloud is incredibly important to the modern business as it offers greater versatility, performance, scalability, security and accessibility.

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To this end, Microsoft Azure is a must for businesses looking to improve their business efficiency and infrastructure.

MMC – Optimising your Microsoft solutions

MMC is an experienced managed service provider (MSP) which specialises in the optimisation and management of Microsoft products and their security.

MMC prioritises the building of intelligent security – protecting your data wherever it lives or travels and preventing cyber- attacks with an integrated and automatic security defence.

To start, MMC encourages businesses to request a security assessment, after which they will also receive a security gap analysis.

Through this process, MMC can assess the security of your current system, identifying flaws and weaknesses that are currently leaving your business exposed.

After this, MMC will work with you to workshop the necessary changes to ensure that any security flaws in your systems are fixed.

Protecting financial data within the Wealth Management Industry

One of the areas that MMC can help your business is securing your financial systems and data.

This is some of the most important data to secure – especially within the Wealth Management Industry as it is one of the most regulated industries in South Africa.

For any organisation, your financial data is the most targeted data set in your business by malicious parties hoping to steal money from you.

MMC is highly experienced in financial data protection, and will work with your independent auditors to solve any concerns, as well as with risk managers to interpret the relevant insurance cyber-security policies.

This is achieved using Microsoft’s security capabilities and tools – all of which are available in Azure and O365.

As part of securing your data, MMC will run simulations for phishing and other threats.

These will test the awareness of your employees – particularly those who could potentially be a threat to your data’s security.

“User education is still the most effective way to prevent attacks,” said MMC.

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MMC is expertly positioned to help your business with its Microsoft security requirements.

If you’d like to learn more about how they can help you to tighten up your security, they allow you to book a free demo.

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Protect your company’s data on Microsoft Azure