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Invest smartly with algorithmic trading from RIMAR Capital

Algorithmic trading is taking more share of the global investment market. It presents an increasingly popular approach to trade efficiently and promptly by using data and powerful technologies.

Using AI, deep learning and quantitative models, algorithmic trading allows investors to select from a variety of trading strategies according to their risk appetite.

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Benefits of algorithmic trading

Algorithmic trading offers several benefits to investors compared to a traditional asset manager.

One of the greatest benefits is the ability of the algorithmic trading software to analyse vast amounts of data in a short period of time. The ability to promptly process all this data, allows algorithms to make more informed and quicker decisions than traditional investors.

Additionally, the nature of this technology means that it can execute trades almost instantaneously. Algorithms can work around the clock, 24 hours a day, as they are not subject to traditional working hours or fatigue. This drastically reduces the risk that attractive trades are missed.

By using algorithmic trading software and coders instead of numerous human analysts, algorithmic asset managers are often able to operate at a much lower cost base than traditional asset managers. The benefits of the lower cost structure is often passed onto investors in the form of lower fees.

RIMAR Capital

RIMAR Capital is a leading algorithmic asset manager founded in 2014 by a team of traders, financial analysts, technologists and quants researchers who have combined industry-related experience of over 60 years.

RIMAR Capital offers clients a variety of trading strategies, allowing you to choose the optimal strategy depending on your investment requirements.

Why choose RIMAR Capital?

RIMAR Capital follows a rigorous approach to ensure only its best algorithmic trading strategies are offered to clients. RIMAR Capital has 50 coders, including mathematics professors, computer engineers and intelligence agency veterans who all work to optimise the algorithms. Through its process, RIMAR Capital has tested over 5,000 investment strategies and only offers the top seven most successful strategies to clients, proof that they’re only willing to offer customers the best of the best.

Impressively, all seven strategies have outperformed the S&P 500 index since inception.

Passing on the benefits of its low-cost base to clients, RIMAR Capital offers a lower fee structure than traditional asset managers. RIMAR Capital does not charge clients a management fee, only a performance fee. This fee structure aligns RIMAR Capital’s goals with that of its clients. RIMAR Capital only makes money when the client makes money.

As proof of the attractiveness of its offering, RIMAR Capital has already attracted investors across multiple continents.

Click here to learn more about how RIMAR Capital can work for you.

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Invest smartly with algorithmic trading from RIMAR Capital