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Top Versa Secure SD-WAN capabilities

Since its formation in 2012, Versa has held fast to the belief that SD-WAN and security converge.

“Because Versa invested early in building its security solution, it is the only SD-WAN solution that is NSS labs recommended for SD-WAN, NGFW and NG-IPS,” said Andre Kannemeyer, CTO at Duxbury Networking, distributors of Versa technology.

Versa has earned its stripes in a highly competitive market and carved out a niche for itself in providing SD-WAN solutions for enterprise deployment. Kannemeyer shared Versa’s top capabilities:

1. SD-WAN solution with integrated security stack (NGFW with unified threat management)

Versa is the only Enterprise SD-WAN solution that has unified SD-WAN, NGFW and unified threat management into a single piece of software.

2. Best-in-class multi-tenancy

As you transform your global network, this is the opportunity to provide true-segmentation. You can deploy Versa infrastructure (management orchestration, analytics, controllers, hub routers, gateways) and create completely different tenants for business A, business B, guest, etc. spanning your global network.

“You can even extend this multi-tenancy out to branch network appliances. Each tenant not only gets their own RBAC management, but also their own SD-WAN topology, their own SD-WAN security keys, network policy & security policy. We support up to 512 tenants per Versa head-end, up to
1 024 VRFs per tenant and five levels of tenancy hierarchy,” says Kannemeyer.

3. Integrated carrier-class routing

Versa delivers an enterprise-class global SD-WAN and global BGP underlay for large enterprises looking to transform a global BGP/MPLS WAN to SD-WAN. Any Versa node can be used as an
SD-WAN/underlay/MPLS gateway.

4. Same operating system

“With Versa you use the same Versa Operating System for all SD-WAN use-cases: work-from-home, branch, HQ, DC, AWS, Azure, Google cloud, low-bandwidth, high-bandwidth, etc.,” says Kannemeyer.

5. Robust network analytics

The Versa solution includes robust network analytics (for WAN, LAN, security). Analytics is part of a Versa Secure SD-WAN subscription.

6. Northbound APIs into every element of the solution

As enterprises look to automate their network, APIs are now table stakes. Versa provides enterprises with API access into every nook and cranny of the Versa solution.

7. Deploy third-party VNFs on top of Versa

“While Versa provides integrated SD-WAN, security and routing, sometimes you must add an additional VNF for certain site types. With Versa uCPE capability, we can load other VNFs or VMs on top of the Versa Operating System. Versa provides VNF service chain management,” says Kannemeyer.

8. Support for packet cloning

Versa can send critical traffic across multiple WAN transports to make sure it gets to its destination (for example, credit card transactions).

9. Support for Forward Error Correction (FEC)

For rural branches or work-from-home use cases with a single ‘lossy’ broadband connection, this features saves the day for voice and video.

10. Support for SLA based on voice MOS score

If voice MOS score drops below X, take action Y.

11. Network appliance supplier choice

“You can deploy the Versa solution on Versa-certified network appliances from Versa, Dell and four other white-box vendors (Advantech, Lanner, Caswell, Silicom). All these network appliances ship with Versa Operating System installed and boot-up as a Versa node. Dell offers five different Versa-certified network appliances. You can also deploy Versa Operating System on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and all the popular virtualisation platforms.

12. Versa uses standard BGP for SD-WAN overlay

This means that there are no new vendor proprietary SD-WAN overlay protocols to learn.

13. Support for up to eight WAN transport per network appliance per tenant

“This is handy when your service provider ‘misses’ on providing a circuit for a new site and you have to ‘make do’ with a handful of LTE radios,” says Kannemeyer.

14. Scale the Versa solution to 1000s of network appliances

15. Support for active/standby high availability (HA)

This allows users to service either Versa HA node without impacting user sessions. As you integrate NGFW into SD-WAN, active/standby HA is table-stakes. Versa also supports active/active HA.

16. Scale to 20 Gbps of encrypted SD-WAN on a single network appliance.

For more information contact Duxbury Networking, +27 (0) 11 351 9800, [email protected],

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Top Versa Secure SD-WAN capabilities