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How to get your company on the home page of BusinessTech

BusinessTech is the biggest business news website in South Africa, and is a perfect platform for companies to reach key business decision makers.

BusinessTech reaches 8 million South African readers each month, many of whom are professionals, managers, executives, and business owners.

The number of professionals who read BusinessTech every month are as follows:

  • 1.5 million managers
  • 900,000 business owners
  • 860,000 executives
  • 118,000 CEOs and directors

Reach this influential audience

One of the most effective ways to reach this high-quality audience is through content marketing.

By using content marketing – also referred to as sponsored articles or advertorials – you can share your latest news, thought leadership pieces, product announcements or specials, and service offerings with BusinessTech’s readers.

Content marketing not only allows businesses to connect with their audience to detail how their products and services work, it helps them to build a relationship between the company and their clients.

Content marketing articles are:

  • Published on the home page of BusinessTech, for all readrs to see.
  • Posted to BusinessTech’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.
  • Included in the BusinessTech email newsletter.

You can see examples of great content marketing on BusinessTech here: BusinessTech content marketing.

To find out more about content marketing on BusinessTech, please contact Kevin Lancaster on [email protected]


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How to get your company on the home page of BusinessTech