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Using cloud technology to automate your business – What you need to know

Over the past decade, companies have moved to the cloud and are benefiting from the immediate efficiencies and cost savings it provides.

Sadly, for many businesses, this is as far they’ve taken their cloud journeys.

Very few businesses are actively striving to find new ways to improve the cost and operational benefits their cloud environments can provide.

The logical next step for any business looking to get more value out of the cloud is through automation.

Powerful Google tools and advances in AI and machine learning technologies have made smart and cost-effective automation available to businesses of all sizes – the toughest part is often just deciding what to automate!

Where to start

Some activities will always require a human touch, but here are just a few of the ways businesses are using automation to streamline their operations:

  • Automated data collection – Advances in object character recognition and natural language processing are creating context from chaos. AI-powered tools such as Google’s Video AI and Vision AI can automatically identify thousands of different objects in images or video and even convert handwriting to text. These tools are vastly reducing the time and costs associated with collecting data from unstructured data sources.
  • Smart dashboarding – Manually collecting and transferring data from databases to spreadsheets and presentations is a slow, time-consuming process. Dashboards that automatically gather, understand and present data can free up a substantial amount of time for your teams and empower spreadsheet users and analysts to unlock more value in your business.
  • Customer support – Leveraging chatbots powered by Google’s DialogFlow to answer customer questions and provide support is a particularly popular use of automation. With the right automation, the vast majority of customer queries can be resolved without human intervention.
  • Audience segmentation at scale – AI can effortlessly build new audience segments and surface previously unseen trends, preferences and connections. Content is then intuitively tailored to each specific customer’s behaviour and preferences, providing them and you with contextual and meaningful engagement opportunities.
  • Employee time tracking – Manual time entries are often outdated and prone to errors. Automating time tracking is an effective way to improve resource monitoring and save time for every employee across your organisation.

In general, the easiest way to identify ideal automation opportunities is to determine the most repetitive tasks within your business. Automating the activities your employees find most tedious will empower them to spend their energy unlocking value for your customers and clients.

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Using cloud technology to automate your business – What you need to know