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Get excellent home and office moving services with Cape Removals

Moving can be an extremely stressful undertaking, with meticulous planning required to manage the disruption to your living situation while still maintaining your daily routine.

You therefore need to use a moving company which possesses the right combination of expertise and resources.

Cape Removals is a trusted South African furniture removal company based out of Cape Town which offers quick, efficient, and considerate service.

It has dedicated teams providing removal services across and between South African cities, as well as to the UK.

The company’s offerings include the removal, transportation, storage, and delivery of furniture, as well as providing all the right packaging and packing material to move your goods safely.

Its company brands include:

Moving offices

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown many businesses no longer have the need for large, centralised offices.

This is because increased broadband connectivity and remote working technology have proven it is often possible for employees to work from home.

Removing the desks, chairs, couches, and all manner of office furniture and redeploying these to employees’ homes or having them placed in storage, however, can be a big hassle.

Cape Removals understands this, and provides a dedicated Office Relocation Supervisor to advise and oversee that your moving service is efficient and professionally managed.

Additionally, the company is open on public holidays and weekends to ensure your office equipment is moved during a period when it will least affect productivity.

Moving abroad

With a rising number of families looking to relocate to overseas, Cape Removals accommodates the need for those who have moving plans which go beyond South Africa’s borders.

The Dorset Removals Company specialises in relocating furniture to South Africa’s favourite UK county, while Biggles Removals can help you move to London and its surrounds.

Make your move

Cape Removals takes the pain out of moving, providing you with the peace of mind that your furniture will be taken to its destination in no time and with great care.

With an impressive 9.6 Trust Index rating on consumer trust platform, Cape Removals has proved itself to be a reliable provider of moving services.

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Get excellent home and office moving services with Cape Removals