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Why cloud is an important tool for your digital journey

SYSPRO’s Digital Transformation (DX) web series – which is focused on how businesses can ensure the success of their digital transformation journey – recently ran its second session.

The session focused on the importance of cloud as part of the digital transformation journey and featured guest speakers Johannes Kanis, Cloud and Enterprise Business Group Lead at Microsoft South Africa, and Financial Manager at Gold Reef Specialty Chemicals Virginia Hughes.

According to Kanis, over the last few months with the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has seen incredible acceleration of digital transformation across the globe.

In fact, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the world has seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in only a few months.

Business have had to deal with the scenarios around remote work and worker health and safety, and to accelerate that, they’ve had to embrace the power of cloud.

One example is Microsoft’s Azure business which grew 750% globally in only 4 months, as customers were moving workloads from on-premise into the cloud to deal with the situation. From a Microsoft Teams usage point of view, Microsoft has been handling over 200,000 connection per minute worldwide.

Investing in partners

As a partner-led organisation, Microsoft invests significantly in their partner channel which extends across the globe.

In Africa, Microsoft has invested specifically in datacentre infrastructure – as many of their partners need to help customers in building their capability, maintaining it, and accelerating it based on innovation.

“This is also an important consideration in terms of cloud adoption as you want to make sure that you have the right support in place as you journey to the cloud,” said Kanis.

Microsoft now has 61 data centres globally, of which two are based in South Africa, and continue to invest in points of presence across Africa.

“They work with key connectivity partners globally to make sure customers are modernising their networks and that they can leverage the power of the SD-WAN and use the software-as-a-service capability. For customers that have a global presence, this is especially useful,” said Kanis.

SYSPRO is one of these key customers and are, together with Microsoft, working to provide services based on this infrastructure.

SYSPRO Managed Cloud Services

Specifically developed to host your SYSPRO ERP infrastructure, SYSPRO Managed Cloud Services (MCS) offers a fully managed infrastructure, deployed by SYSPRO and hosted on Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform in data centers throughout the world.

By shifting the management and hosting of your ERP to SYSPRO, you receive immediate value without the upfront investment or business pains typically associated with building out, maintaining, and upgrading on-premise IT infrastructure – freeing you up to focus on running your business rather than your IT.

It offers you 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, and support in a single monthly fee – allowing you to manage your expenses more effectively – and is flexible enough to manage your unique needs with an option to transition to a hybrid cloud environment.

It can be turned on within a few days or even hours, allowing you to be up and running quickly – and you can access all your SYSPRO data at any time, any place, using any device.

Watch the second session of the SYSPRO’s Digital Transformation (DX) web series below.

This article was published in partnership with SYSPRO.

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Why cloud is an important tool for your digital journey