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Join Open5GCon – Red Hat’s Global Virtual Debate

Open collaboration and innovation are at the heart of Red Hat’s operations.

That’s why the multinational software leader has organised Open5GCon – a global virtual conference taking place on 30 September 2020 – to shape the future of networking.

The event will bring the main players of the telecommunication ecosystem together – including telecom service providers, equipment vendors, system integrators, connectivity providers and enterprises – to share their expertise, discuss best practices around 5G deployments and drive innovation.

“5G deployments tend to be multi-vendor orientated, so we wanted to organise an event that would foster collaboration amongst customers, vendors and other industry players. Open5GCon is about bringing thought leaders together in an open-source way,” explained Gavin McDougall, Senior Solution Architect at Red Hat.

Attendees of the event will also benefit from hearing real-world stories from the company’s customers who have started rolling out 5G in their networks.

The conference’s impressive speaker line-up includes Dr Chih-Lin, Chief Scientist for Wireless Technologies at China Mobile Research Institute; Arash Ashouriha, Senior Vice President of Group Technology Innovation at Deutsche Telekom AG; and Jennifer Didoni, Head of Cloud Portfolio at Vodafone Business.

“At Red Hat, we believe that everyone is a contributor and every idea matters. Open5GCon allows our customers and partners to participate in an open event where we’ll hear views and insights on 5G trends, solutions and technology,” added McDougall.

“5G will provide a platform for new areas for innovation in healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing, to name a few. And while it’s still early days, 5G has the power to transform entire industries and builds the foundation for what some are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s difficult to predict all of the innovation that 5G will deliver in years’ to come, but the possibilities are enormous,” concluded McDougall.

Open5GCon is an open, free event that offers varying perspectives from some of the biggest names and thought leaders in the industry.

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Join Open5GCon – Red Hat’s Global Virtual Debate