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Making sure your business stays connected – even when your internet fails

What would happen if, during peak business hours, while sales are booming and your critical data is being updated, your company’s wired internet connection were to fail at one or more locations?

It’s a scenario that no enterprise wants to face, but with primary internet service providers only offering 99.5% availability as standard (which equals about 4 hours of downtime monthly), the question isn’t if your internet connectivity will go down, but when.

According to Gartner, every hour of downtime can typically cost an organisation hundreds of thousand rands per hour. That is why it is imperative to have a plan for branch continuity in place.

Staying connected is easier than you think

In contrast to wired failover solutions or redundant service, LTE technology offers always-on, cost-effective connectivity. As a failover solution, wireless offers speeds fast enough to keep your network humming.

Organisations seeking a branch continuity solution that can be trusted for always-on network connectivity should consider deploying an LTE-enabled solution to ensure maximum uptime, speed-to-deployment, cost-effective scalability, and ease of management with limited IT resources.

Leveraging an LTE failover solution

The relatively low cost of LTE for branch continuity means a greater return on investment and scalability for multiple locations, for which other options are just simply cost-prohibitive.

With a wireless failover solution, distributed enterprises can enjoy the same reliability and competitive advantage as large enterprises even, or especially, when their ADSL or fibre lines fail.

Wireless edge services for branch networking

Infoprotect’s Cradlepoint NetCloud Service for branch provides retailers with tailored services — including automatic LTE failover and Out-of-Band Management — delivered through purpose-built, LTE-enabled endpoints that include a limited lifetime warranty and comprehensive 24×7 support.

The core offering includes the following services for businesses seeking reliable, affordable business continuity:

  1. Branch continuity service: Delivered through LTE Adapters that integrate seamlessly with existing network and SD-WAN infrastructure.
  2. Branch connectivity service: This includes all-in-one, multi-WAN branch routers with embedded LTE — providing routing, WAN link termination and traffic management, a firewall, and cloud configuration and troubleshooting.
  3. Service plans for all networking needs: Advanced Add-on plans allow customers to enhance their networks with advanced management, security, and edge routing.

Infoprotect is your partner in continued business connectivity

As one of South Africa’s foremost internet and telecommunications specialists, Infoprotect also boasts elite partner status with the global leader in cloud-based, wired and wireless WAN networking solutions, Cradlepoint.

Infoprotect’s Cradlepoint solution helped ensure secure failover capability for all Nando’s restaurant communications.

This provided a robust centrally managed and monitored platform which allowed Nando’s to predictably plan for future projects where stable network connectivity would be vital.

“Nando’s is 33 years young, and facing the same challenges as all business in the local market, stability is the key to offering customers a better experience, and this requires an integration of technology.” – Stephen Brookstein – Technology Manager

Contact the Infoprotect team today and find out how they can help you to stay connected in times when business continuity has become a crucial competitive advantage.

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This article was published in partnership with Infoprotect.

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Making sure your business stays connected – even when your internet fails