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Shaping the futures of South Africans through training and employment

Currently, 10.3 million young South Africans are actively looking for a job.

According to a BusinessTech article, the South African government has identified a number of challenges that continue to contribute to the high unemployment rate amongst the youth in South Africa.

Some of the key issues include limited skill acquisition and the resultant inadequate preparation of youth for the world of work, rapid changes in the labour market fuelled by digitisation and automation, as well as socio-economic challenges.

To help create change in the lives of these young South Africans, Atvance Academy is offering young people who have no other access to further education a chance at a better life through free accredited training.

Students receive the education and experience they need to find work, earn a salary, and change their lives for the better.

The benefits to students are numerous:

  • It’s free – There is absolutely no cost to students.
  • Convenience – Students can study in their area.
  • A diverse training programme – Students can choose from a wide range of studies.
  • Simple requirements – Start at NQF2 with no other schooling needed.
  • Flexible learning – Learn through books, exercises, and practical study.
  • Accredited training – Study your National or FET Certificate through a registered training provider.

Student testimonies

Refilwe Moholo – now employed as a Data Capturer with Atvance Academy

“Starting the learnership with Atvance Academy changed my life because it gave me hope for my future. I suddenly became optimistic about life. Atvance Academy gave me a reason to dream again and in the couple of months after I started with my classes I had a different vision for myself and saw myself in a whole new light. I became part of a group of young people who were given an opportunity to change the course of their lives and took it.”

Sifiso Khumalo – now an Atvance Academy Campus Recruiter and Co-ordinator for Gauteng Region

“The opportunity which has been presented to us is of great magnitude as it opened other doors for the youth in my community, where many wished to go to school but couldn’t afford it, and some did not qualify. Atvance Academy was life changing for most of them, and they are the first in their families to obtain such a qualification. The company also brought a big change in my life and it is continuing doing so – and shows how they really mean it when they say they are all about empowerment.”

Atvance Academy

Atvance Academy is a 51% black-owned, level 2 B-BBEE and SAQA-accredited company – creating a better South Africa by reducing unemployment and upskilling the youth of South Africa, one learner at a time.

The company currently trains 30,000 learners every month at 130 rapidly-growing campuses across South Africa, making the impossible possible for its learners.

By partnering with Atvance Academy, companies gain improved B-BBEE levels due to the impact that its initiative has on the various pillars of the B-BBEE codes – Preferential Procurement and Skills Development.

Contact Atvance Academy today to be part of the change [email protected] or visit their website.

This article was published in partnership with Atvance Academy.

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Shaping the futures of South Africans through training and employment