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A Subscription towards a Return on Investment, and Health and Safety Success – Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions

Khangwe ROI Details and Health and Safety Road Map

The Subscription towards a Health and Safety Return on Investment, or more commonly referred to as ROI is an important Key Performance Indicator which determines the profitability of an expenditure for a company. It is also the measurement of success over time as it influences future business decisions.

As per the ROI Safety Wallet Calculator, Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions has a ROI of 257%.

According to the SafetyWallet Health and Safety Road Map, Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions currently has a compliance percentage of 95.02% after the last Health and Safety audit was conducted.

This puts Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions in the position to maintain the standards of health and safety compliance that it has through self-management.

This requires that annual audits and risk assessments be conducted in addition to ensuring that administrative updates are done.

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Sipho Thage had the following response to question ask about how SafetyWallet serves Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions and their Health and Safety Programme.

Where does Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions see its health and safety program in the next 12 months?

The focus is on continuous improvement on health and safety programs.

Why did Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions become a SafetyWallet subscriber?

Should there be need for assistance, the benefit is to have a social consultation in addition to being able to intricately view the health and safety compliance of the company as it improves every year.

Which instance can be recalled where SafetyWallet saved Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions with the implementation of its health and safety program?

There had been a lot of insight gained upon the implementation of the health and safety program. It is an honour and joy to form part of SafetyWallet and to see the improvements from one site to the next in activities as well as stakeholder point of view.

Which effort has been saved in the support provided by SafetyWallet?

Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions was offered with favourable deals which consisted of more in-depth knowledge regarding both health and safety precautions and prevention.

This was not only applicable to employees, but also stakeholders present in the organization.

What importance does it hold to have both internal stakeholders as well as SafetyWallet Stakeholders work together in building a health and safety success story?

For Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions as an organisation, it is imperative, where health and safety are concerned, that the story of success of the business be shared as it distinctively showed the collaboration between both stakeholders and SafetyWallet.

Which savings offered by SafetyWallet through compliance audits did Khangwe Intelligence Technology benefit from the most?

The discounts received on both compliance audits as well as E-Learning had been a substantial highlight as it allowed for expansion into other products to ensure that employees could benefit and to better the health and safety reputation of the company.

What level of success has the Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions safety program had with the aid of SafetyWallet?

When Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions first joined SafetyWallet as a member, the compliance percentage had been 85% but through the help and support of SafetyWallet, compliance improved to 95%.

What is the importance of health and safety for employees and stakeholders?

The safeguarding of the health and safety of both employees and stakeholders is of utmost importance and there is a consistent drive towards an incident free environment for every member who forms a part of the organisation.

What is the importance of having swift response from both internal and external parties?

The importance on having swift response is imperative as there has been great improvement since becoming a subscriber to SafetyWallet in addition to ensuring that Health and Safety standards are maintained through the help of MAKROSAFE.

What is the importance of having a cost-effective solution that caters for all health and safety needs?

Implementing and maintaining health and safety programs through SafetyWallet is cost effective and it simplifies the process in employing more products required for the continuous maintenance of health and safety standards throughout the organisation.

SafetyWallet Overview

SafetyWallet, in partnership with MAKROSAFE and OHSOnline, Supports and Rewards employers who become a part of the SafetyWallet subscription programme for being compliant with:

  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act, or OHSA
  • All other relevant Legislation
  • Regulations
  • Standards, and
  • Metropolitan and/or Municipal Bylaws which relate to Occupational Health and Safety within the workplace.

SafetyWallet aids employers in understanding their current level of compliance and provides the necessary tools and support to ensure that employers improve their Health and Safety Compliance while simultaneously offering great rewards as motivation for such.

This helps to provide subscribers with cost-effective health and safety solutions through various rewards and discounts in addition to various rewards which start from the inception of the membership into either of the following circles:

  • Friend Circle
  • Family Circle
  • Champion Circle, and
  • Pinnacle Club

Rewards can be obtained immediately after joining a circle and once the employer’s Health and Safety Compliance audit has been conducted, the SafetyWallet Compliance level rewards are activated according to the current compliance status.

Khangwe Overview


Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions, or Khangwe intelligent technology solutions, is a South African company and provider of engineering and project management services which run from the initiation of the project to the closure thereof.

Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions also provides energy management services, service detection services as well as procurement services and has an extensive portfolio of expertise which consists of:

  • The conducting of both investigation and feasibility studies.
  • Project scoping.
  • Engineering system design development.
  • Equipment selection.
  • The compilation of technical specifications along with the administration of contracts and monitoring, and numerous others.

Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions was founded and is managed by black youth and has a 51.5% female ownership. Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions offers its clients not only personalised, but tailor-made services which not only meets, but exceeds their expectations.

The objectives of the client become the mission and aim of Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions in retaining lifelong business partners. The leadership at Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions encompasses competent individuals with experience in various fields, which brings a variety of expertise to the organisation.

Where health and safety practices are concerned, Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions is fully committed to the following:

  • To not only provide but maintain an environment which is safe through the minimizing and elimination of any hazards, or the potential thereof, that may threaten the health or safety of employees.
  • To provide adequate control associated with health and safety risks which may arise from any work activities.
  • To comply with all statutory laws as well as regulations and standards which are applicable to the working environment.
  • To implement health and safety policies and to ensure that it is communicated to all employees with the aim of making them aware of their responsibilities towards health and safety.

Company Details

Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions forms part of the Construction and Engineering Section. With additional focus on Electrical Engineering Consultation and Supply and Construction activities in the Service sector.

Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions is run by two directors, Sifiso Mthembu and Senzekile Mthembu, with Sipho Thage as the designated Health and Safety Officer for operations.

There are twelve employees that make up the staff compliment of Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions.

Products and Services

Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions currently has 1,154 consulting Engineers within South Africa and have seen the completion of numerous projects, some of which include, but is not limited to:

  • Magalies Water – Wallmannsthal Pump Station Upgrade.
  • Zwartkopjes Pumping Station Generators and UPS Installation.
  • Barrage Sewer Plant Upgrade.
  • Rehabilitation of Roads in KwaMdakane.
  • Construction of La Motte Village Services – Construction of Roads and Storm Water, and numerous others.

There are currently three active projects which are under way namely:

  • Palmiet Engine Room 3B 11kV Cable Installation.
  • Solar Plant Installation at Rand Water Head Office, and
  • Rand Water Head Office Rainwater Harvest.

Contact Details

Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions can be contacted through the following avenues:


Telephone: +27 (0) 11 687 0794

Mobile: +27 (0) 76 640 0425

Email: [email protected]

On Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

In addition, direct contact can be made with the leadership of Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions by contacting either:

Sifiso Mthembu – Director – 011 867 0794 / 073 622 9619.

Senzekile Mthembu – Director – 011 867 0794/ 073 659 0100, or

Sipho Thage – Safety Officer – 011 867 0794/ 073 315 4664.

How being a SafetyWallet subscriber has shown a substantial positive impact to Khangwe Health and Safety

As an organization, Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions can obtain discounts on all health and safety programmes. The safety programmes allow the company to improve their health and safety standards with regards to not only employees, but clients as well.

In the past six months, SafetyWallet has helped Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions in an array of key areas such as training, information and campaigns associated with health and safety regulations in addition to new developments in daily changes.

From a SafetyWallet Support and Rewards point of view, Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions has benefited greatly on the journey to obtain the high level of health and safety compliance which emerged from the last Health and Safety audit done.

SafetyWallet has greatly assisted Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solution on various fronts including E-Learning health and safety training, compliance audits, risk assessments, and an array other consultation associated with health and safety matters.

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A Subscription towards a Return on Investment, and Health and Safety Success – Khangwe Intelligent Technology Solutions