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Fedgroup – Building a business based on family values

Leading financial services company Fedgroup celebrates its 30th birthday this year – and key to its success has been its happy workforce.

By encouraging innovation and infusing values like generosity, humility, communication, responsibility, integrity, quality and excellence into the fabric of the business, Fedgroup has created a workforce that is like a family by putting people before profit.

Here are five key things longstanding employees at Fedgroup have learned over the years:

1. When you enjoy your job, it doesn’t feel like work.

“I love that Fedgroup is forward-thinking, innovative, fresh and daring, and that we are constantly looking at ways to improve our products and services,” said Tania van der Walt, Executive Distribution Consultant at Fedgroup.

One of the more remarkable things at the Fedgroup offices is that everyone seems happy to be there.

This comes as no surprise as the company is run on the basic principle that the right people are placed in the right positions.

This tactic ensures that every person working at Fedgroup can maximise their potential through the best combination of skills, aspirations and opportunity.

For Melanie Pullen, Commercial and Industrial Property Finance Assistant, being part of Fedgroup means that you are part of a tightly knit family.

“It is vital to realise that it is not about ‘me’; it takes the progress of the entire division to grow the organisation and keep our customers happy,” she said.

2. By taking responsibility, you can help others achieve their goals.

A big part of running a business with strong family values is taking responsibility for those who are dependent on you.

This rings true for many of the Fedgroup employees, but to Reena Juta, Team Leader of Beneficiary Care, the best part of her day is seeing the fruits of her labour.

“Being a mom, I understand the needs of our minor beneficiaries who are totally dependent on the decisions we make,” said Juta.

“You need to think with both your head and your heart. We are entrusted with the educational, medical, financial and overall wellbeing of our beneficiaries and have to make sure that they are well taken care of.”

3. Communication is key to belonging.

Tania van der Walt started her journey at Fedgroup in 2009.

Coming from a strong sales background, she thought it would be easy to sell participation bonds.

However, Tania soon realised that it was harder than she thought.

“I was alone in my area, had no-one to show me the ropes, no experience in the financial services industry and no qualifications,” she said.

“All I had was John’s [then-CEO of Fedgroup] reassurance that he saw certain qualities in me including the determination it takes to be successful.”

“Because he believed in me, I believed in myself. Today I consistently rank among the top three consultants,” said Tania.

“To me, Fedgroup is not just a place to work at; it is the embodiment of family away from home. I love that we as employees are still important enough for our CEO and management team to pick up the phone just to find out how we’re doing.”

4. Learning is an integral part of growing and thriving.

According to Grant Field, CEO of Fedgroup, learning is an integral part of growing the company’s most valuable asset – its people.

“When our people grow, we realise that in turn our business will grow, which is why we offer our permanent employees staff bursaries to further their qualifications.”

Sheron Dolamo is a great example of this.

She started her career at Fedgroup as a temporary bond administrator and worked her way up to Team Leader of Commercial Property Finance by constantly striving to better herself and increase her knowledge.

“Getting my BCom in Marketing and Management Science would have been near impossible to complete without the help I got from Fedgroup,” said Dolamo.

“They paid for my studies and made sure that I had the time to study and succeed.”

5. Being on the same page is critical.

Priscilla Kanniappen has been with Fedgroup since day one when there were just 12 employees at the company.

Priscilla was involved in getting procedures in place when she started the accounts department as well as being part of the team which built Fedgroup’s bespoke IT platform, Azurite.

Azurite runs all processes in Fedgroup – from logging calls to paying money and making sure that everyone is kept in the loop of what is happening in the company.

“Through constant sharing of knowledge, we’re all able to make fast decisions and use what we know to service our clients better,” said Kanniappen.

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Fedgroup – Building a business based on family values